1508. ei mé
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ei mé: if not
Original Word: εἰ
Transliteration: ei mé
Phonetic Spelling: (i may)
Short Definition: except

HELPS word-Studies

1508 ei mḗ (from 1487 /ei, "if" and 3361 /mḗ, "not") – properly, if not (unless). 1508 (ei mḗ) views (assumes as) what precedes is fact, and extends it to its negative possibility or exception meaning "otherwise, unless."

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from ei and
if not
NASB Translation
except (40), except* (1), more than (1), unless (1).

but, except that, if not, save only.

From ei and me; if not -- but, except (that), if not, more than, save (only) that, saving, till.

see GREEK ei

see GREEK me

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