1659. eleutheroó
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eleutheroó: to make free, fig. to exempt (from liability)
Original Word: ἐλευθερόω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: eleutheroó
Phonetic Spelling: (el-yoo-ther-o'-o)
Short Definition: I free, set free, liberate
Definition: I free, set free, liberate.

HELPS word-Studies

Cognate: 1659 eleutheróō – properly, set free, release from bondage; (figuratively) to remove the restrictions of sin (darkness) because delivered by God into true spiritual liberty (growth). See 1658 (eleutheros).

Jn 8:36: "So if the Son makes you free (1659 /eleutheróō), you will be free (1658 /eleútheros) indeed" (NASU).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from eleutheros
to make free, fig. to exempt (from liability)
NASB Translation
freed (2), make...free (1), makes...free (1), set...free (2), set free (1).

STRONGS NT 1659: ἐλευθερόω

ἐλευθερόω, ἐλευθέρω: future ἐλευθερώσω; 1 aorist ἠλευθερωσα; passive, 1 aorist ἠλευθερωθην; 1 future ἐλευθερωθήσομαι; (ἐλεύθερος); (from Aeschylus down); to make free, set at liberty: from the dominion of sin, John 8:32, 36; τινα ἀπό τίνος, one from another's control (Winers Grammar, 196f (185); Buttmann, 157f (138)): ἀπό τοῦ νόμου τάς ἁμαρτίας καί τοῦ θανάτου (see νόμος, 1), Romans 8:2; ἀπό τάς ἁμαρτίας, from the dominion of sin, Romans 6:18, 22; ἀπό τάς δουλείας τῆς φθορᾶς εἰς τήν ἐλευθερίαν, to liberate from bondage (see δουλεία) and to bring (transfer) into etc. (see εἰς, C. 1), Romans 8:21; with a dative commodi, τῇ ἐλευθερία, that we might be possessors of liberty, Galatians 5:1; cf. Buttmann, § 133, 12 (and Lightfoot at the passage).

deliver, make free.

From eleutheros; to liberate, i.e. (figuratively) to exempt (from moral, ceremonial or mortal liability) -- deliver, make free.

see GREEK eleutheros

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