5051. teleiótés
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teleiótés: a completer, finisher
Original Word: τελειωτής, οῦ, ὁ
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: teleiótés
Phonetic Spelling: (tel-i-o-tace')
Short Definition: a perfecter, completer
Definition: a perfecter, completer, finisher.

HELPS word-Studies

Cognate: 5051 teleiōtḗs (a masculine noun) – properly, a consummator, bringing a process to its finish (used only in Heb 12:2). See 5056 (telos).

5051 /teleiōtḗs ("consummator") specifically refers to Jesus, the one bringing the life of faith to its complete conclusion (consummation, finish). In every scene of His earthly life, Jesus lived in faith, i.e. receiving and perfectly obeying the inbirthing of the Father's will (persuasion).

Heb 12:2: "Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the file-leader 747 /arxēgós and consummator (5051 /teleiōtḗs) of the (operation of) faith (4102 /pístis), who in place of (473 /antí) the joy set before Him, endured a cross (4716 /staurós), despising the shame – and in combination (5037 /té) has taken-seat (Gk perfect tense), in (1722 /en) the right hand of the throne of God."

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from teleioó
a completer, finisher
NASB Translation
perfecter (1).

STRONGS NT 5051: τελειωτής

τελειωτής, τελειωτου, (τελειόω) (Vulg.consummator), a perfecter: τῆς πίστεως, one who has in his own person raised faith to its perfection and so set before us the highest example of faith, Hebrews 12:2. The word occurs nowhere else.


From teleioo; a completer, i.e. Consummater -- finisher.

see GREEK teleioo

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