993. Boanérges
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Boanérges: Boanerges, an epithet applied to the two sons of Zebedee
Original Word: Βοανεργές
Part of Speech: Proper Noun, Indeclinable
Transliteration: Boanérges
Phonetic Spelling: (bo-an-erg-es')
Short Definition: Boanerges
Definition: Boanerges, sons of thunder.

HELPS word-Studies

993 Boanergés – an Aramaic term transliterated from two Semitic roots: bēn ("sons") and regesh ("of thunder, tumult"; see Strong's OT #1123, 7285). 993 /Boanergés ("sons of thunder") is only used in Mk 3:17. We don't know why Jesus named these brothers (James, John), "sons of tumult," but their passion and boldness in the past no doubt aptly fit their future calling!

He surnamed them Boanerges – M. Vincent, "The reason of its bestowal we do not know. It seems to have been intended as a title of honor, though not perpetuated like the surname Peter (this being the only instance of its occurrence). . . . It is justified by the impetuosity and zeal which characterized both the brothers, which prompted them to suggest the calling of fire from heaven to consume the inhospitable Samaritan village (Lk 9:54); which marked James as the victim of an early martyrdom (Ac 12:2); and which sounds in the thunders of John's Apocalypse" (WS, 98).

["Boanerges" is an Aramaic term, interpreted by Mark (for his non-Jewish audience who were probably Romans). There are some 16 Aramaic and Latin terms in Mark's Gospel (see 2:4, 3:17, 5:9, 5:41, 7:4, 7:11, 7:34, 8, 9, 11;, 12:42, 14:36, 15, 15:34, 15:39, 44).]

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of Aramaic origin ben and regaz
Boanerges, an epithet applied to the two sons of Zebedee
NASB Translation
Boanerges (1).

STRONGS NT 993: Βοανεργές

Βοανεργές ((R G, so Suidas (ed. Gaisf. 751 a.); but) L T Tr WH Βοανηργές), Boanerges, Hebrew רֶגֶשׁ בֲּנֵי i. e. sons of thunder (as Mark himself explains it) (the name given by our Lord to James and John the sons of Zebedee): Mark 3:17; בְּ pronounced Boa as Noabhyim for Nebhyim; see Lightfoot Horae Hebrew at the passage; רֶגֶשׁ, in Psalm 55:15 a tumultuous crowd, seems in Syriac to have signified thunder; so that the name Βοανηργές seems to denote fiery and destructive zeal that may be likened to a thunderstorm, and to make reference to the occurrence narrated in Luke 9:54. (Cf. Dr. James Morison's Commentary on Mark, the passage cited; Kautzsch, Gram. d. Biblical-Aram., p. 9.)


Of Chaldee origin (ben and rgaz); sons of commotion; Boanerges, an epithet of two of the apostles -- Boanerges.

see HEBREW ben

see HEBREW rgaz

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