4349. makon
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makon: a fixed or established place, foundation
Original Word: מָכוֹן
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: makon
Phonetic Spelling: (maw-kone')
Short Definition: place

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from kun
a fixed or established place, foundation
NASB Translation
area (1), dwelling place (1), foundation (3), foundations (1), place (11).

מָכוֺן noun masculineDaniel 8:11 fixed or established place, foundation (chiefly in poetry); — absolute ׳מ Exodus 15:17 2t.; construct מְכוֺן 1 Kings 8:39 10t.; suffix מְכוֺנִי Isaiah 18:4, מְכוֺנוֺ Ezra 2:68; plural suffix מְכוֺנֶיהָ Psalm 104:5; —

1 fixed place of ׳יs abode on earth Exodus 15:17 (song), 1 Kings 8:13 2Chronicles 6:2 (poetic fragment: see ᵐ5 and DrIntr. 182); = place, or site of God's house Ezra 2:68; כָּלמְֿכוֺן הַרצִֿיּוֺן Isaiah 4:5, apparently = all the extent of Mt. Zion; redund. (si vera lectio) וְהֻשְׁלַךְ מְכוֺן מִקְדָּשׁוֺ Daniel 8:11 and the place of his sanctuary shall be thrown down (on difficulties of see, see Bev); of heavens מְכוֺן שִׁבְתְּךָ 1 Kings 8:39,43,49 2Chronicles 6:30,33,39, compare Psalm 33:14; מְכוֺנִי alone Isaiah 18:4; figurative צֶדֶק וּמִשְׁמָּט מְכוֺן כִּסְאֶ֑ךָ Psalm 89:15, so Psalm 97:2.

2 foundation, only plural, in poetry יָסַד אֶרֶץ עַלמְֿכוֺנֶיהָ Psalm 104:5.

foundation, settled place

From kuwn; properly, a fixture, i.e. A basis; generally a place, especially as an abode -- foundation, habitation, (dwelling-, settled) place.

see HEBREW kuwn

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