801. ishsheh
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ishsheh: an offering made by fire
Original Word: אּשֶּׁה
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: ishsheh
Phonetic Spelling: (ish-shaw')
Short Definition: fire

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from esh
an offering made by fire
NASB Translation
fire (5), offering by fire (45), offerings (3), offerings by fire (15).

אִשֶּׁה noun masculineJoshua 13:14 an offering made by fire (> Wetzst in DePsalmen, ed. 4, 889 derive from √ II. אנשׁ, means to friendly relations between God & man; compare LagBN 190) Exodus 29:18 32t.; construct אִשֵּׁה Leviticus 1:9 14t.; plural construct אִשֵּׁי Leviticus 4:35 15t.; suffix אִשַּׁי Numbers 28:2, אִשָּׁ֑י Leviticus 6:10; used chiefly of offerings of animals, but also of the מִנְחָה Leviticus 2:11, and of the sacred bread and frankincense Leviticus 24:7,9 which was placed on the table as a memorial, and finally went to the priests. The word is used in Deuteronomy 18:1; Joshua 13:14 (D) 1 Samuel 2:28; elsewhere in P Leviticus 6:10; Leviticus 10:15; Leviticus 22:22; Numbers 28:2,3, especially in phrases אִשֵּׁי יהוה Leviticus 2:3 11t., אִשֵּׁה רֵיחַ נִיחֹחַ ליהוה Leviticus 1:9 14t., ריח ניחח אשׁה ליהוה Exodus 29:18 6t., אשׁה ליהוה ריח ניחח Leviticus 23:13, אשׁה לריח ניחח Leviticus 3:16; Numbers 18:17, אשׁה (הוא) ליהוה Exodus 29:25; Leviticus 2:16; אִשֶּׁה ליהוה accusative after verbs of offering Exodus 30:20 14t., אִשֶּׁה עֹלָה ליהוה Numbers 28:19, קָרְבָּן אִשֶּׁהליהוה Leviticus 22:27; Numbers 15:25.

offering, sacrifice, made by fire

The same as 'eshshah, but used in a liturgical sense; properly, a burnt-offering; but occasionally of any sacrifice -- (offering, sacrifice), (made) by fire.

see HEBREW 'eshshah

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