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Welfare (32 Occurrences)

Luke 6:27 "But to you who are listening to me I say, Love your enemies; seek the welfare of those who hate you; (WEY)

Acts 18:22 Landing at Caesarea, he went up to Jerusalem and inquired after the welfare of the Church, and then went down to Antioch. (WEY)

Acts 21:7 As for us, our voyage was over when having sailed from Tyre we reached Ptolemais. here we inquired after the welfare of the brethren, and remained a day with them. (WEY)

1 Corinthians 12:25 that there might be no disunion in the body, but that all the members might entertain the same anxious care for one another's welfare. (WEY)

Philippians 2:20 For I have no one else like-minded, who will truly care about you. (See NAS RSV NIV)

Philippians 4:10 But I rejoice with a deep and holy joy that now at length you have revived your thoughtfulness for my welfare. Indeed you have always been thoughtful for me, although opportunity failed you. (WEY)

Genesis 37:14 And he said to him, Go, I pray thee, see after the welfare of thy brethren, and after the welfare of the flock; and bring me word again. And he sent him out of the vale of Hebron; and he came towards Shechem. (DBY NAS)

Genesis 43:27 He asked them of their welfare, and said, "Is your father well, the old man of whom you spoke? Is he yet alive?" (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS NAS RSV)

Exodus 18:7 Moses went out to meet his father-in-law, and bowed and kissed him. They asked each other of their welfare, and they came into the tent. (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV)

Judges 18:15 They turned aside there, and came to the house of the young man the Levite, even to the house of Micah, and asked him of his welfare. (WEB JPS ASV DBY YLT NAS RSV)

1 Samuel 10:4 And they will ask after thy welfare, and give thee two loaves, which thou shalt receive of their hands. (DBY YLT)

1 Samuel 17:18 and these ten cuttings of the cheese thou dost take in to the head of the thousand, and thy brethren thou dost inspect for welfare, and their pledge dost receive.' (YLT NAS)

1 Samuel 17:22 And David letteth down the goods from off him on the hand of a keeper of the goods, and runneth into the rank, and cometh and asketh of his brethren of welfare. (YLT)

1 Samuel 25:5 and David sendeth ten young men, and David saith to the young men, 'Go ye up to Carmel, and ye have come in unto Nabal, and asked of him in my name of welfare, (YLT)

1 Samuel 30:21 And David cometh in unto the two hundred men who were too faint to go after David, and whom they cause to abide at the brook of Besor, and they go out to meet David, and to meet the people who 'are' with him, and David approacheth the people, and asketh of them of welfare. (YLT)

2 Samuel 8:10 and Toi sent Joram his son to king David, to inquire of his welfare, and to congratulate him, because he had fought against Hadadezer and smitten him; for Hadadezer was continually at war with Toi. And he brought with him vessels of silver, and vessels of gold, and vessels of bronze. (DBY YLT)

2 Samuel 11:7 When Uriah was come to him, David asked of him how Joab did, and how the people fared, and how the war prospered. (See NAS)

1 Chronicles 18:10 He sent Hadoram his son to king David, to enquire of his welfare, and to congratulate him, because he had fought against Hadarezer, and smitten him; (for Hadarezer had war with Tou;) and with him all manner of vessels of gold and silver and brass. (KJV DBY WBS)

Nehemiah 2:10 When Sanballat the Horonite, and Tobiah the servant, the Ammonite, heard of it, it grieved them exceedingly, because a man had come to seek the welfare of the children of Israel. (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS NAS RSV NIV)

Esther 2:11 and during every day Mordecai is walking up and down before the court of the house of the women to know the welfare of Esther, and what is done with her. (YLT)

Esther 10:3 For Mordecai the Jew was second to king Ahasuerus, and great among the Jews, and accepted of the multitude of his brethren, seeking the welfare of his people, and speaking peace to all his seed. (DBY NAS RSV NIV)

Job 30:15 Terrors have turned on me. They chase my honor as the wind. My welfare has passed away as a cloud. (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS)

Psalms 35:27 Let them shout for joy and be glad, who favor my righteous cause. Yes, let them say continually, "Yahweh be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of his servant!" (See RSV)

Psalms 69:22 Let their table become a snare before them: and that which should have been for their welfare, let it become a trap. (KJV DBY WBS)

Proverbs 3:2 For they will give you increase of days, years of life, and peace. (See RSV)

Isaiah 38:17 See, in place of peace my soul had bitter sorrow. but you have kept back my soul from the underworld; for you have put all my sins out of your memory. (See NAS RSV)

Isaiah 53:5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. (See JPS)

Jeremiah 14:11 Yahweh said to me, Don't pray for this people for their good. (See NAS RSV)

Jeremiah 15:5 For who will have pity on you, Jerusalem? or who will bemoan you? or who will turn aside to ask of your welfare? (WEB JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV)

Jeremiah 29:7 Seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to Yahweh for it; for in its peace you shall have peace. (See NAS RSV)

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says Yahweh, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope and a future. (See NAS RSV)

Jeremiah 38:4 Then the princes said to the king, Let this man, we pray you, be put to death; because he weakens the hands of the men of war who remain in this city, and the hands of all the people, in speaking such words to them: for this man doesn't seek the welfare of this people, but the hurt. (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS RSV)

Welfare (32 Occurrences)
...Welfare (32 Occurrences). Luke 6:27 "But to you who are listening to me I say, Love
your enemies; seek the welfare of those who hate you; (WEY). ...
/w/welfare.htm - 16k

Greeting (19 Occurrences)
... GREETING. gret'-ing (sha'-al; chairo, aspasmos, aspazomai): (1) Sha'-al means "to
ask," "to inquire of anyone respecting welfare," hence, "to greet." In the Old ...
/g/greeting.htm - 18k

Good (8348 Occurrences)
... 1. (superl.) Possessing desirable qualities; adapted to answer the end designed;
promoting success, welfare, or happiness; serviceable; useful; fit; excellent ...
/g/good.htm - 26k

Inquired (74 Occurrences)
... (DBY). Acts 18:22 Landing at Caesarea, he went up to Jerusalem and inquired after
the welfare of the Church, and then went down to Antioch. (WEY). ...
/i/inquired.htm - 28k

Peace (523 Occurrences)
... Version (British and American) "fared," literally, "of the peace of the people"),
and how the war prospered" (literally, "and of the peace (welfare) of the war ...
/p/peace.htm - 46k

Greeted (17 Occurrences)
... Exodus 18:7 Moses went out to meet his father-in-law, and bowed and kissed him.
They asked each other of their welfare, and they came into the tent. (See NIV). ...
/g/greeted.htm - 11k

Well-being (19 Occurrences)
... (n.) The state or condition of being well; welfare; happiness; prosperity; as,
virtue is essential to the well-being of men or of society. ...
/w/well-being.htm - 11k

Fare (13 Occurrences)
... (singular) imperat. (err(h)oso) or plural (err(h)osthe) as a farewell salutation,
or at the close of a letter, or to describe the welfare (usually physical or ...
/f/fare.htm - 15k

Tobiah (14 Occurrences)
... Samaria (Nehemiah 2:10). He was grieved exceedingly when Nehemiah came
to seek the welfare of the children of Israel. In two ways ...
/t/tobiah.htm - 13k

Congratulate (7 Occurrences)
... 2 Samuel 8:10 and Toi sent Joram his son to king David, to inquire of his welfare,
and to congratulate him, because he had fought against Hadadezer and smitten ...
/c/congratulate.htm - 9k

1515. eirene -- one, peace, quietness, rest.
... peace, peace of mind Definition: peace, peace of mind; invocation of peace a common
Jewish farewell, in the Hebraistic sense of the health (welfare) of an ...
/greek/1515.htm - 7k

4991. soteria -- deliverance, salvation
... Feminine Transliteration: soteria Phonetic Spelling: (so-tay-ree'-ah) Short Definition:
deliverance, salvation Definition: welfare, prosperity, deliverance ...
/greek/4991.htm - 7k

3588. ho, he, to -- the
... 1), sight (1), some (7), some* (5), suitable (1), these (4), things (1), this (31),
those (406), those who (17), together* (8), under* (1), welfare (1), what ...
/greek/3588.htm - 8k

Topical Bible Verses
Acts 20:35
I have showed you all things, how that so laboring you ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Deuteronomy 15:7-11
If there be among you a poor man of one of your brothers within any of your gates in your land which the LORD your God gives you, you shall not harden your heart, nor shut your hand from your poor brother:

Luke 12:33
Sell that you have, and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that fails not, where no thief approaches, neither moth corrupts.

James 2:8
If you fulfill the royal law according to the scripture, You shall love your neighbor as yourself, you do well:

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(n.) Well-doing or well-being in any respect; the enjoyment of health and the common blessings of life; exemption from any evil or calamity; prosperity; happiness.
Strong's Hebrew
7965. shalom -- completeness, soundness, welfare, peace
... << 7964, 7965. shalom. 7966 >>. completeness, soundness, welfare, peace.
Transliteration: shalom Phonetic Spelling: (shaw-lome') Short Definition: peace. ...
/hebrew/7965.htm - 6k

2899b. tobah -- welfare, benefit, good things, good
... << 2899a, 2899b. tobah. 2900 >>. welfare, benefit, good things, good.
Transliteration: tobah Short Definition: good. Word Origin from ...
/hebrew/2899b.htm - 5k

8001. shelam -- welfare, prosperity
... << 8000, 8001. shelam. 8002 >>. welfare, prosperity. Transliteration: shelam
Phonetic Spelling: (shel-awm') Short Definition: peace. ...
/hebrew/8001.htm - 6k

2896b. tob -- a good thing, benefit, welfare
... << 2896a, 2896b. tob. 2897 >>. a good thing, benefit, welfare. Transliteration:
tob Short Definition: good. Word Origin from tob Definition ...
/hebrew/2896b.htm - 5k

3468. yesha -- deliverance, rescue, salvation, safety, welfare
... deliverance, rescue, salvation, safety, welfare. Transliteration: yesha or yesha
Phonetic Spelling: (yeh'-shah) Short Definition: salvation. ...
/hebrew/3468.htm - 6k

3444. yeshuah -- salvation
... victories (1), victory (1). deliverance, health, helping, salvation, save,
saving health, welfare. Feminine passive participle of ...
/hebrew/3444.htm - 6k

2896. towb -- pleasant, agreeable, good
... joyful, kindly, kindness, liketh (best), loving, merry, X most, pleasant, + pleaseth,
pleasure, precious, prosperity, ready, sweet, wealth, welfare, (be) well ...
/hebrew/2896.htm - 6k

2898. tub -- good things, goods, goodness
... From towb; good (as a noun), in the widest sense, especially goodness (superlative
concretely, the best), beauty, gladness, welfare -- fair, gladness, good ...
/hebrew/2898.htm - 6k



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