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Acre (1 Occurrence)

1 Samuel 14:14 That first slaughter, which Jonathan and his armor bearer made, was about twenty men, within as it were half a furrow's length in an acre of land. (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS NAS RSV NIV)

Acre (1 Occurrence)
... day. It is about an acre of our measure (Isaiah 5:10; 1 Samuel 14:14). Noah
Webster's Dictionary. ... mile. This is the English statute acre. ...
/a/acre.htm - 9k

Half-acre (1 Occurrence)
Half-acre. << Half, Half-acre. Half-an-hour >>. Multi-Version Concordance
Half-acre (1 Occurrence). 1 Samuel 14:14 And that ...
/h/half-acre.htm - 6k

Kishon (6 Occurrences)
... Central Palestine, which rises about the roots of Tabor and Gilboa, and passing
in a northerly direction through the plains of Esdraelon and Acre, falls into ...
/k/kishon.htm - 12k

Ladder (1 Occurrence)
... The Ladder has been located at different points on the coast between Tyre and Acre,
such as the Ras el-`Abyadh ("Promontorium Album" of the ancient geographers ...
/l/ladder.htm - 10k

Tyre (59 Occurrences)
... Easton's Bible Dictionary A rock, now es-Sur; an ancient Phoenician city, about
23 miles, in a direct line, north of Acre, and 20 south of Sidon. ...
/t/tyre.htm - 45k

Acco (2 Occurrences)
... ak'-o (`akko; [`Akcho]; Ake Ptolemais; Modern Arabic `Akka, English Acre; the King
James Version Accho): A town on the Syrian coast a few miles north of Carmel ...
/a/acco.htm - 13k

Carmel (33 Occurrences)
... At the east end, in its highest part, it is 1,728 feet high, and at the west end
it forms a promontory to the bay of Acre about 600 feet above the sea. ...
/c/carmel.htm - 25k

Accho (1 Occurrence)
... Jerusalem, it was called St. Jean d'Acre, or simply Acre. Multi-Version
Concordance Accho (1 Occurrence). Judges 1:31 Neither did ...
/a/accho.htm - 7k

Achzib (4 Occurrences)
... Alexandrinus, Achzeiph; Judges 1:31, Codex Vaticanus, Aschazei, Codex Alexandrinus,
Aschendei, Greek Ecdippa: A small town some miles north of Acre on the coast ...
/a/achzib.htm - 10k

... TYRE). The promontory of Carmel is rather more marked than the others,
and forms quite an extensive bay, which extends to Acre. ...
/p/phoenicians.htm - 38k

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
ACRE (2)

a'-ker (tsemedh): A term of land-measurement used twice in the English versions of the Bible (Isaiah 5:10 1 Samuel 14:14), and said to be the only term in square measure found in the Old Testament. The English word "acre" originally signified field. Then it came to denote the measure of land that an ox team could plow in a day, and upon the basis of a maximum acre of this kind the standard acre of 160 square rods (with variations in different regions) was fixed. The Hebrew word translated acre denotes a yoke of animals, in the sense of a team, a span, a pair; it is never used to denote the yoke by which the team are coupled together. The phrase `ten yokes of vineyard' (Isaiah 5:10) may naturally mean vineyard covering as much land as a team would plow in ten days, though other plausible meanings can also be suggested. In 1 Samuel 14:14 the same word is used in describing the limits of space within which Jonathan and his armor-bearer slew twenty Philistines. The translation of the Revised Version (British and American), "within as it were half a furrow's length in an acre of land," means, strictly, that they were slain along a line from two to twenty rods in length. The word rendered "furrow," used only here and in Psalm 129:3, is in Brown's Hebrew Lexicon defined as "plowing-ground." This gives the rendering "as it were in half a plowing-stint, a yoke of ground," the last two phrases defining each the other, so that the meaning is substantially that of the paraphrase in the King James Version. There is here an alleged obscurity and uncertainty in the text, but it is not such as to affect either the translation or the nature of the event.

Willis J. Beecher

ACRE (1)

a'-ker, a'-ker. See ACCO.

Easton's Bible Dictionary
Is the translation of a word (tse'med), which properly means a yoke, and denotes a space of ground that may be ploughed by a yoke of oxen in a day. It is about an acre of our measure (Isaiah 5:10; 1 Samuel 14:14).

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(n.) A piece of land, containing 43,560 square feet or 1/640 of a square mile. This is the English statute acre. That of the United States is the same. The Scotch acre was about 1.26 of the English, and the Irish 1.62 of the English.
Strong's Hebrew
6776. tsemed -- a couple, pair
... Word Origin from tsamad Definition a couple, pair NASB Word Usage acre (1), acres
(1), couple (1), pair (3), pairs (3), team (1), together (1), two (1), yoke (3 ...
/hebrew/6776.htm - 6k

4618. maanah -- a field for plowing
... furrow. From anah, in the sense of depression or tilling; a furrow -- + acre, furrow.
see HEBREW anah. << 4617, 4618. maanah. 4619 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/4618.htm - 6k



Acre: The Indefinite Quantity of Land a Yoke of Oxen Could Plow in a Day

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