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Aided (4 Occurrences)

Judges 9:24 That the cruelty done to the threescore and ten sons of Jerubbaal might come, and their blood be laid upon Abimelech their brother, which slew them; and upon the men of Shechem, which aided him in the killing of his brethren. (KJV WBS)

Ezra 1:6 All those who were around them strengthened their hands with vessels of silver, with gold, with goods, and with animals, and with precious things, besides all that was willingly offered. (See RSV)

Ezra 6:22 and kept the feast of unleavened bread seven days with joy: for Yahweh had made them joyful, and had turned the heart of the king of Assyria to them, to strengthen their hands in the work of the house of God, the God of Israel. (See RSV)

Ezra 8:36 They delivered the king's commissions to the king's satraps, and to the governors beyond the River: and they furthered the people and the house of God. (See RSV)

Aided (4 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (imp. & pp) of Aid. Multi-Version Concordance
Aided (4 Occurrences). Judges 9:24 That the cruelty done ...
/a/aided.htm - 7k

Sidon (35 Occurrences)
... gained control without difficulty, and Sidon was prominent in the Persian period
as the leading naval power among the Phoenicians who aided their suzerain in ...
/s/sidon.htm - 25k

Aide (7 Occurrences)

/a/aide.htm - 8k

... itself. This movement among Greek Christians was greatly aided by Gnostic
sects and the esoteric literature to which they gave rise. ...
/a/apocrypha.htm - 48k

Favored (19 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (imp. & pp) of Favor. 2. (a.) Countenanced;
aided; regarded with kindness; as, a favored friend. 3. (a ...
/f/favored.htm - 12k

Thigh (38 Occurrences)
... Doubtless this association of the thigh with life (aided perhaps by its excellence
as food (1 Samuel 9:24 Ezekiel 24:4)) determined its choice as a sacrificial ...
/t/thigh.htm - 22k

Maaseiah (25 Occurrences)
... (2) A Levite captain who aided Jehoiada at the coronation of Joash (2 Chronicles
23:1). (3) An officer of Uzziah (2 Chronicles 26:11). ...
/m/maaseiah.htm - 19k

Pitch (25 Occurrences)
... 2:3 Isaiah 34:9. In Genesis 6:14 the words are the ordinary forms for "covering,"
"cover," so that the translation "pitch" is largely guesswork, aided by the ...
/p/pitch.htm - 18k

Baruch (24 Occurrences)
... 4th or 5th century. (2) A son of Zabbai who aided Nehemiah in rebuilding
the walls of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 3:20). (3) One of the ...
/b/baruch.htm - 46k

Achzib (4 Occurrences)
... The cities on the coast doubtless aided one another, and Sidon had become rich and
powerful before this and could succor such a small town in case of attack. ...
/a/achzib.htm - 10k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(imp. & p. p.) of Aid.
Strong's Hebrew
3135. Yoash -- "the LORD has aided," two Israelites
... << 3134, 3135. Yoash. 3136 >>. "the LORD has aided," two Israelites. Transliteration:
Yoash Phonetic Spelling: (yo-awsh') Short Definition: Joash. ...
/hebrew/3135.htm - 6k
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