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Crocodile (1 Occurrence)

Leviticus 11:30 and the gecko, and the land-crocodile, and the lizard, and the sand-lizard, and the chameleon. (ASV BBE JPS NAS RSV)

Crocodile (1 Occurrence)
... The Florida crocodile (C. Americanus) is much less common than the alligator and
has longer jaws. ... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. CROCODILE. krok'-o-dil. ...
/c/crocodile.htm - 7k

Land-crocodile (1 Occurrence)
Land-crocodile. << Land, Land-crocodile. Landed >>. Multi-Version
Concordance Land-crocodile (1 Occurrence). Leviticus 11 ...
/l/land-crocodile.htm - 6k

Leviathan (5 Occurrences)
... of Authorized Version, it denotes the dragon which, according to Eastern tradition,
is an enemy of light; in 41:1 the crocodile is meant; in Psalm 104:26 it ...
/l/leviathan.htm - 10k

Chameleon (1 Occurrence)
... It is ranked among the unclean animals in Leviticus 11:30, where the Hebrew
word so translated is coah (RV, "land crocodile"). In ...
/c/chameleon.htm - 11k

Cockatrice (3 Occurrences)
... Easton's Bible Dictionary The mediaeval name (a corruption of "crocodile") of
a fabulous serpent supposed to be produced from a cock's egg. ...
/c/cockatrice.htm - 10k

Land (19790 Occurrences)
... Alfred Ely Day LAND-CROCODILE (Revised Version (British and American))
land-crok'-o-dil (koach; Septuagint chamaileon, Leviticus 11:30; the King James ...
/l/land.htm - 21k

... Partridge, Quail, Peacock GRALLATORES: Crane, Heron, Stork STEGANOPODES: Pelican,
Cormorant RATTAE: Ostrich Reptiles: CROCODILIA: Crocodile (Leviathan) CHELONIA ...
/z/zoology.htm - 18k

Lizard (3 Occurrences)
... British and American) "gecko" (which see); (5) koach, the King James Version
"chameleon," the Revised Version (British and American) "land-crocodile" (which ...
/l/lizard.htm - 16k

Tortoise (1 Occurrence)
... The LXX. renders the word by "land crocodile." The word, however, more probably
denotes a lizard, called by the modern Arabs dhabb. Noah Webster's Dictionary. ...
/t/tortoise.htm - 9k

Shihor-libnath (1 Occurrence)
... Black-white, a stream on the borders of Asher, probably the modern Nahr Zerka, ie,
the "crocodile brook," or "blue river", which rises in the Carmel range and ...
/s/shihor-libnath.htm - 8k

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia





Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A large reptile of the genus Crocodilus, of several species. They grow to the length of sixteen or eighteen feet, and inhabit the large rivers of Africa, Asia, and America. The eggs, laid in the sand, are hatched by the sun's heat. The best known species is that of the Nile (C. vulgaris, or C. Niloticus). The Florida crocodile (C. Americanus) is much less common than the alligator and has longer jaws. The name is also sometimes applied to the species of other related genera, as the gavial and the alligator.

2. (n.) A fallacious dilemma, mythically supposed to have been first used by a crocodile.

Strong's Hebrew
3581a. koach -- a small reptile (of unknown species)
koach or koach. << 3581, 3581a. koach or koach. 3581b >>. a small reptile (of unknown
species). Transliteration: koach or koach Short Definition: crocodile. ...
/hebrew/3581a.htm - 5k

3882. Livyathan -- "serpent," a sea monster or dragon
... From lavah; a wreathed animal, ie A serpent (especially the crocodile or some other
large sea- monster); figuratively, the constellation of the dragon; also as ...
/hebrew/3882.htm - 6k

4043. magen -- a shield
... feminine mginnah {meg-in-naw'}; from ganan; a shield (ie The small one or buckler);
figuratively, a protector; also the scaly hide of the crocodile -- X armed ...
/hebrew/4043.htm - 6k

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