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Dangerous (4 Occurrences)

Matthew 8:28 On His arrival at the other side, in the country of the Gadarenes, there met Him two men possessed by demons, coming from among the tombs: they were so dangerously fierce that no one was able to pass that way. (Root in WEY DBY)

Luke 8:23 But as they sailed, he fell asleep. A wind storm came down on the lake, and they were taking on dangerous amounts of water. (WEB)

Acts 27:9 When much time had passed and the voyage was now dangerous, because the Fast had now already gone by, Paul admonished them, (WEB KJV ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Titus 1:12 One of their own number--a Prophet who is a countryman of theirs--has said, "Cretans are always liars, dangerous animals, idle gluttons." (WEY)

Dangerous (4 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Dangerous (4 Occurrences). ... A wind storm came down on the
lake, and they were taking on dangerous amounts of water. (WEB). ...
/d/dangerous.htm - 8k

Perilous (1 Occurrence)
... 1. (a.) Full of, attended with, or involving, peril; dangerous; hazardous; as,
a perilous undertaking. 2. (a.) Daring; reckless; dangerous. ...
/p/perilous.htm - 6k

... This was considered so great a crime, so dangerous a thing to the nation, that it
was felt to be a just cause for most cruel and determined persecutions. ...
/a/atheism.htm - 13k

Safe (388 Occurrences)
... 2. (superl.) Conferring safety; securing from harm; not exposing to danger; confining
securely; to be relied upon; not dangerous; as, a safe harbor; a safe ...
/s/safe.htm - 37k

Wind (180 Occurrences)
... 14:21) for the children of Israel to pass; the "rough blast in the day of the east
wind" (Isaiah 27:8). The strength of the wind makes it dangerous for ships ...
/w/wind.htm - 45k

Danger (118 Occurrences)
... Luke 8:23 But as they sailed, he fell asleep. A wind storm came down on the
lake, and they were taking on dangerous amounts of water. ...
/d/danger.htm - 38k

... the route of travel was always the same, as it was absolutely impossible to get
East of the Jordan, and even a short trip away from the caravan was dangerous. ...
/e/exploration.htm - 38k

Quicksands (1 Occurrence)
... On the north coast of Africa were two localities dangerous to sailors, called the
Greater and Lesser Syrtis. The former of these is probably here meant. ...
/q/quicksands.htm - 7k

Quicksand (1 Occurrence)
... especially, a deep mass of loose or moving sand mixed with water, sometimes found
at the mouth of a river or along some coasts, and very dangerous, from the ...
/q/quicksand.htm - 7k

2000. episphales -- prone to fall
... prone to fall. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: episphales Phonetic Spelling:
(ep-ee-sfal-ace') Short Definition: dangerous, likely to fall Definition ...
/greek/2000.htm - 6k

5467. chalepos -- hard (to do or bear)
... fierce, perilous. Perhaps from chalao through the idea of reducing the strength;
difficult, ie Dangerous, or (by implication) furious -- fierce, perilous. ...
/greek/5467.htm - 6k

2342. therion -- a wild beast
... venomous, wild beast. Diminutive from the same as thera; a dangerous animal --
(venomous, wild) beast. see GREEK thera. (theria) -- 2 Occurrences. ...
/greek/2342.htm - 7k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) Attended or beset with danger; full of risk; perilous; hazardous; unsafe.

2. (a.) Causing danger; ready to do harm or injury.

3. (a.) In a condition of danger, as from illness; threatened with death.

4. (a.) Hard to suit; difficult to please.

5. (a.) Reserved; not affable.



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