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Door-keeper (2 Occurrences)

John 18:17 Then the girl who was the door-keeper said to Peter, Are you not one of this man's disciples? In answer he said, I am not. (BBE)

Psalms 84:10 For a day in your house is better than a thousand. It is better to be a door-keeper in the house of my God, than to be living in the tents of sin. (BBE WBS)

Doorkeeper (8 Occurrences)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. DOORKEEPER. ... In Psalm 84:10, "I had rather be a
doorkeeper in the house of my God," the word is not used in its technical sense. ...
/d/doorkeeper.htm - 13k

Door-keeper (2 Occurrences)
Door-keeper. << Doorkeeper, Door-keeper. Doorkeepers >>. Easton's Bible Dictionary ...
(BBE WBS). << Doorkeeper, Door-keeper. Doorkeepers >>. Reference Bible.
/d/door-keeper.htm - 7k

Porter (6 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (n.) A man who has charge of a door or gate; a doorkeeper;
one who waits at the door to receive messages. ... See DOORKEEPER. ...
/p/porter.htm - 11k

Obed-edom (16 Occurrences)
... In 1 Chronicles 15:16-21 Obed-edom is a "singer," and in 1 Chronicles 15:24 a
"doorkeeper," while according to 1 Chronicles 26:4-8, 15 he is a Korahite ...
/o/obed-edom.htm - 15k

Obededom (15 Occurrences)
... In 1 Chronicles 15:16-21 Obed-edom is a "singer," and in 1 Chronicles 15:24 a
"doorkeeper," while according to 1 Chronicles 26:4-8, 15 he is a Korahite ...
/o/obededom.htm - 14k

Port (3 Occurrences)
... For some inscrutable reason the Revised Version (British and American) renders
sho`er by "doorkeeper" in 1 Chronicles 15-26, but not elsewhere. See DOORKEEPER. ...
/p/port.htm - 10k

Doorkeepers (37 Occurrences)

/d/doorkeepers.htm - 18k

Voluntary-offerings (4 Occurrences)
... 2 Chronicles 31:14 And Kore the son of Jimnah the Levite, the doorkeeper toward
the east, was over the voluntary-offerings of God, to distribute the heave ...
/v/voluntary-offerings.htm - 7k

Zebadiah (9 Occurrences)
... Some manuscripts have Zechariah in (1), (a), (b), (3)). Compare ZABDI; ZABDIEL:
(1) Levites: (a) a Korahite doorkeeper of David's reign (1 Chronicles 26:2); (b ...
/z/zebadiah.htm - 11k

Kore (4 Occurrences)
... See KORAH, 4. Shallum, Chief doorkeeper in the latest Bible times, is described
as "the son of Kore, the son of Ebiasaph, the son of Korah" (1 Chronicles 9:19 ...
/k/kore.htm - 10k

2377. thuroros -- a doorkeeper
... Short Definition: a door-keeper, porter Definition: a door-keeper, porter. Word
Origin from thura and ouros (a guardian) Definition a doorkeeper NASB Word ...
/greek/2377.htm - 6k
Easton's Bible Dictionary
This word is used in Psalm 84:10 (R.V. marg., "stand at the threshold of, " etc.), but there it signifies properly "sitting at the threshold in the house of God." The psalmist means that he would rather stand at the door of God's house and merely look in, than dwell in houses where iniquity prevailed.

Persons were appointed to keep the street door leading into the interior of the house (John 18:16, 17; Acts 12:13). Sometimes females held this post.

Strong's Hebrew
8652. tara -- doorkeeper
... tara. 8653 >>. doorkeeper. Transliteration: tara Phonetic Spelling: (taw-raw') Short
Definition: doorkeepers. ... porter. (Aramaic) from tra'; a doorkeeper -- porter ...
/hebrew/8652.htm - 6k

466. Eliphelehu -- "may God distinguish him," a doorkeeper
... Eliphelehu. 467 >>. "may God distinguish him," a doorkeeper. Transliteration:
Eliphelehu Phonetic Spelling: (el-ee-fe-lay'-hoo) Short Definition: Eliphelehu. ...
/hebrew/466.htm - 6k

7778. shoer -- a gatekeeper
... doorkeeper, porter. Or shomer {sho-are'}: active participle of sha'ar (as denominative
from sha'ar); a janitor -- doorkeeper, porter. see HEBREW sha'ar. ...
/hebrew/7778.htm - 6k

5605. saphaph -- to stand at or guard the threshold
... Word Origin denominative verb from saph Definition to stand at or guard the threshold
NASB Word Usage stand at the threshold (1). be a doorkeeper. ...
/hebrew/5605.htm - 6k

5592b. saph -- threshold, sill
... Word Origin from the same as saph Definition threshold, sill NASB Word Usage door
(1), doorkeeper* (1), doorkeepers* (4), gatekeepers* (1), temple (2 ...
/hebrew/5592b.htm - 5k

8104. shamar -- to keep, watch, preserve
... careful (32), careful to keep (1), cares (1), charge (4), confine (1), confined
(1), defending (1), did (1), diligently keep (1), doorkeeper* (1), doorkeepers ...
/hebrew/8104.htm - 7k

2929. Talmon -- an Israelite name
... name NASB Word Usage Talmon (5). Talmon. From the same as chargol; oppressive; Talmon,
a temple doorkeeper -- Talmon. see HEBREW chargol. << 2928, 2929. ...
/hebrew/2929.htm - 6k

2928. Telem -- an Israelite, also a place in the desert of Judah
... Telem. From an unused root meaning to break up or treat violently; oppression; Telem,
the name of a place in Idumaea, also of a temple doorkeeper -- Telem. ...
/hebrew/2928.htm - 6k

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