1301. diatéreó
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diatéreó: to keep carefully
Original Word: διατηρέω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: diatéreó
Phonetic Spelling: (dee-at-ay-reh'-o)
Short Definition: I keep safe, hold fast
Definition: I keep safe, hold fast.

HELPS word-Studies

1301 diatēréō (from 1223 /diá, "through, thoroughly," intensifying 5083 /tēréō, "guard") – properly, thoroughly keep (very carefully) to ensure final safety (staying intact for "successful final delivery").

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from dia and téreó
to keep carefully
NASB Translation
keep...free (1), treasured (1).

STRONGS NT 1301: διατηρέω

διατηρέω, διατήρω; 3 person singular imperfect διετήρει; to keep continually or carefully (see διά, C. 2): Luke 2:51 (Genesis 37:11); ἐμαυτόν ἐκ τίνος (cf. τηρεῖν ἐκ τίνος, John 17:15), to keep oneself (pure) from a thing, Acts 15:29; ἀπό τίνος for שָׁמַר followed by מִן, Psalm 11:8 (). (Plato, Demosthenes, Polybius, others.)


From dia and tereo; to watch thoroughly, i.e. (positively and transitively) to observe strictly, or (negatively and reflexively) to avoid wholly -- keep.

see GREEK dia

see GREEK tereo

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