1689. emblepó
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emblepó: to look at, fig. to consider
Original Word: ἐμβλέπω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: emblepó
Phonetic Spelling: (em-blep'-o)
Short Definition: I look into, look upon
Definition: I look into (upon); met: I consider; I see clearly.

HELPS word-Studies

1689 emblépō (from 1722 /en, "engaged in" and 991 /blépō, "look") – properly, stare (look) at with a "locked-in gaze"; look at in a sustained, concentrated way, i.e. with special "interest, love or concern" (DNTT, 3, 519).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from en and blepó
to look at, fig. to consider
NASB Translation
look (1), looked (5), looking (3), see (1).

STRONGS NT 1689: ἐμβλέπω

ἐμβλέπω (see ἐν, III. 3); imperfect ἐνέβλεπον; 1 aorist ἐνεβλεψα, participle ἐμβλέψας; to turn one's eyes on; look at;

1. properly: with the accusative Mark 8:25 (Auth. 11, 3; the Sept. Judges 16:27 (Alex.)); τίνι (Plato, rep. 10, 608 d.; Polybius 15, 28, 3, and elsewhere), Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:21, 27; Mark 14:67; Luke 20:17; Luke 22:61; John 1:36, 42 (43) (in all these passages ἐμβλέψας αὐτῷ or αὐτοῖς λέγει or εἶπεν, cf. Xenophon, Cyril 1, 3, 2 ἐμβλέπων αὐτῷ ἔλεγεν) εἰς τόν οὐρανόν Acts 1:11 R G L (εἰς τήν γῆν, Isaiah 5:30; Isaiah 8:22; εἰς ὀφθαλμόν, Plato, Alc. 1, p. 132 e.). Absol., οὐκ ἐνέβλεπον, I beheld not, i. e. the power of looking upon (namely, surrounding objects) was taken away from me, Acts 22:11 (Tr marginal reading WH marginal reading ἔβλεπον) (2 Chronicles 20:24 (Ald.); Xenophon, mem. 3, 11, 10).

2. figuratively, to look at with the mind, to consider: Matthew 6:26 (Isaiah 51:1f; Sir. 2:10 Sir. 36:15 (); with the accusative only, Isaiah 5:12; with the dative, 2 Macc. 12:45).

behold, gaze up, look upon

From en and blepo; to look on, i.e. (relatively) to observe fixedly, or (absolutely) to discern clearly -- behold, gaze up, look upon, (could) see.

see GREEK en

see GREEK blepo

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