1922. epignósis
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epignósis: recognition, knowledge
Original Word: ἐπίγνωσις, εως, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: epignósis
Phonetic Spelling: (ep-ig'-no-sis)
Short Definition: knowledge, discernment, recognition
Definition: knowledge of a particular point (directed towards a particular object); perception, discernment, recognition, intuition.

HELPS word-Studies

Cognate: 1922 epígnōsis (from 1909 /epí, "on, fitting" which intensifies 1108 /gnṓsis, "knowledge gained through first-hand relationship") – properly, "contact-knowledge" that is appropriate ("apt, fitting") to first-hand, experiential knowing. This is defined by the individual context. See 1921 (epignōskō).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from epiginóskó
recognition, knowledge
NASB Translation
acknowledge* (1), knowledge (14), real knowledge (1), true knowledge (4).

STRONGS NT 1922: ἐπίγνωσις

ἐπίγνωσις, ἐπιγνώσεως, (ἐπιγινώσκω, which see (cf. also Lightfoot on Colossians 1:9; Trench, § 75 at the end)), precise and correct knowledge; used in the N. T. of the knowledge of things ethical and divine: absolutely, Philippians 1:9; Colossians 3:10; κατ' ἐπίγνωσιν, Romans 10:2; with the genitive of the thing known, Colossians 1:9; Colossians 2:2; Philemon 1:6; τῆς ἀληθείας, 1 Timothy 2:4; 2 Timothy 2:25; 2 Timothy 3:7; Titus 1:1; Hebrews 10:26; τῆς ἁμαρτίας, Romans 3:20; with the genitive of the person known; — of God, especially the knowledge of his holy will and of the blessings which he has bestowed and constantly bestows on men through Christ: Ephesians 1:17; Colossians 1:10; 2 Peter 1:2; of Christ, i. e. the true knowledge of Christ's nature, dignity, benefits: Ephesians 4:13; 2 Peter 1:8; 2 Peter 2:20; of God and Christ: 2 Peter 1:2; Θεόν ἔχειν ἐν ἐπιγνώσει i. e. to keep the knowledge of the one true God which has illumined the soul, Romans 1:28. (Polybius, Plutarch, Herodian, (others); the Sept. occasionally for דַּעַת; 2 Macc. 9:11.)


From epiginosko; recognition, i.e. (by implication) full discernment, acknowledgement -- (ac-)knowledge(-ing, - ment).

see GREEK epiginosko

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