2100. euaresteó
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euaresteó: to be well-pleasing
Original Word: εὐαρεστέω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: euaresteó
Phonetic Spelling: (yoo-ar-es-teh'-o)
Short Definition: I please
Definition: I give pleasure to, please (perhaps with the added idea of: rendering good service to).

HELPS word-Studies

Cognate: 2100 euarestéō – to please (gratify) by giving what is acceptable. We only please the Lord by living in faith ("His inworked persuasions/preferences"). Accordingly, 2100 (euarestéō) and faith (4102 /pístis) are directly connected in the NT. See 2101 (euarestos).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from euarestos
to be well-pleasing
NASB Translation
please (1), pleased (1), pleasing (1).

STRONGS NT 2100: εὐαρεστέω

εὐαρεστέω, ἐυαρέστω: 1 aorist infinitive εὐαρεστῆσαι; perfect infinitive εὐηρεστηκέναι, and without augment εὐαρεστηκέναι Hebrews 11:5 L WH (cf. WHs Appendix, p. 162; Buttmann, 35 (30)); to be well-pleasing: τῷ Θεῷ (the Sept. for אֶת־הָאֱלֹהִים הִתְהַלֵּך, Genesis 5:22, 24; Genesis 6:9), Hebrews 11:5f. (Sir. 44:16; Philo de Abr. § 6; de exsecr. § 9; τίνι, Diodorus 14, 4). Passive present ἐυαρεστοῦμαι; τίνι (Buttmann, 188 (163); Winers Grammar, § 39, 1 a.), to be well pleased with a thing: Hebrews 13:16 (Diodorus 3, 55; 20, 79; (Diogenes Laërtius 10, 137).

gratify, please.

From euarestos; to gratify entirely -- please (well).

see GREEK euarestos

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