2186. ephistémi
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ephistémi: to set upon, set up, to stand upon, be present
Original Word: ἐφίστημι
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: ephistémi
Phonetic Spelling: (ef-is'-tay-mee)
Short Definition: I stand by, am urgent, befall one, impend
Definition: I stand by, am urgent, befall one (as of evil), am at hand, impend.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from epi and histémi
to set upon, set up, to stand upon, be present
NASB Translation
appeared (3), attacking (1), came (5), come (3), confronted (1), ready (1), set (1), standing (2), standing near (1), stood (1), stood before (1), stood near (1).

STRONGS NT 2186: ἐφίστημι

ἐφίστημι: 2 aorist ἐπέστην, participle ἐπιστάς, imperative ἐπίστηθι; perfect participle ἐφεστώς; to place at, place upon, place over; in the N. T. only in the middle (present indicative 3 person singular ἐπίσταται (for ἐφίσταται), 1 Thessalonians 5:3 T Tr WH; see references under the word ἀφειδον) and the intransitive tenses of the active, viz. perfect and 2 aorist (see ἀνίστημι); to stand by, be present: Luke 2:38; Acts 22:20; ἐπάνω with the genitive of person to stand over one, place oneself above, Luke 4:39; used especially of persons coming upon one suddenly: simply, Luke 10:40; Luke 20:1; Acts 6:12; Acts 22:13; Acts 23:27; of an angel, Acts 12:7; with the dative of person, Acts 4:1; Acts 23:11; of the advent of angels, Luke 2:9; Luke 24:4 (of Hephaestus, Lucian, dial. deor. 17, 1; frequently of dreams, as Homer, Iliad 10, 496; 23, 106; Herodotus 1, 34; others); with the dative of place, Acts 17:5; followed by ἐπί; with the accusative of place, Acts 10:17; Acts 11:11; of evils coming upon one: with the dative of person, 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (see above); ἐπί τινα, Luke 21:34 (Wis. 6:9 Wis. 19:1; Sophocles O. R. 777; Thucydides 3, 82). equivalent to to be at hand i. e. be ready: 2 Timothy 4:2, cf. Leo at the passage (Euripides, Andr. 547; Demosthenes, p. 245, 11). to be at hand i. e. impend: of time, 2 Timothy 4:6. to come on, of rain, Acts 28:2. (Compare: κατεφιστημι, συνεφίστημι.)

assault, come unto, be at hand, stand over.

From epi and histemi; to stand upon, i.e. Be present (in various applications, friendly or otherwise, usually literal); --assault, come (in, to, unto, upon), be at hand (instant), present, stand (before, by, over).

see GREEK epi

see GREEK histemi

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