2298. thaumastos
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thaumastos: wonderful
Original Word: θαυμαστός, ή, όν
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: thaumastos
Phonetic Spelling: (thow-mas-tos')
Short Definition: wonderful, marvelous
Definition: to be wondered at, wonderful, marvelous.

HELPS word-Studies

Cognate: 2298 thaumastós – marvelous, describing an awe-evoking sight (dramatic sense of wonder), moving the beholder to their deepest emotions. See 2296 (thaumázō).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from thaumazó
NASB Translation
amazing thing (1), marvelous (5).

STRONGS NT 2298: θαυμαστός

θαυμαστός, θαυμαστή, θαυμαστόν (θαυμάζω), in Greek writings from (Homer (h. Cer. etc.)), Herodotus, Pindar down; (interchanged in Greek writings with θαυμάσιος, cf. Lob. Path. Elem. 2:341); wonderful, marvellous; i. e., a. worthy of pious admiration, admirable, excellent: 1 Peter 2:9 (Clement of Rome, 1 Cor. 36, 2 [ET]; for אַדִּיר, Psalm 8:2; Psalm 92:4 () (5)).

b. passing human comprehension: Matthew 21:42 and Mark 12:11, (from Psalm 117:22 ff ( ff), where for נִפְלָא, as Job 13:3; Micah 7:15, etc.).

c. causing amazement joined with terror: Revelation 15:1, 3, (so for נורָא, Exodus 15:11, etc.).

d. marvellous i. e. extraordinary, striking, surprising: 2 Corinthians 11:14 R G (see θαῦμα, 1); John 9:30.


From thaumazo; wondered at, i.e. (by implication) wonderful -- marvel(-lous).

see GREEK thaumazo

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