2320. theotés
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theotés: deity
Original Word: θεότης, ητος, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: theotés
Phonetic Spelling: (theh-ot'-ace)
Short Definition: deity, Godhead
Definition: deity, Godhead.

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2320 theótēs (a feminine noun derived from 2316 /theós, "God") – the personal God revealed in the Bible who is triune and infinitely relational as demonstrated by the embodiment of the Godhead in the incarnated Christ (used only in Col 2:9).

2320 /theótēs ("fullness of deity") expresses God's "essential (personal) deity, as belonging to Christ" (WS, 906). 2320 (theótēs) focuses on Christ physically embodying the Godhead through His incarnation and shown throughout His perfect life of faith (cf. Heb 12:2).

[For more on Christ's full deity, see 2316 /theós ("God") at Sidebar A.]

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from theos
NASB Translation
Deity (1).

STRONGS NT 2320: θεότης

θεότης, θεότητος, (deitas, Tertullian, Augustine (de civ. Dei 7, 1)), deity i. e. the state of being God, Godhead: Colossians 2:9. (Lucian, Icar. 9; Plutarch, de defect. orac. 10, p. 415 c.) [SYNONYMS: θεότης, θειότης: θεότης deity differs from θειότης divinity, as essence differs from quality or attribute; cf. Trench, § ii.; Lightfoot or Meyer on Colossians, the passage cited; Fritzsche on Romans 1:20.]

godhead, deity

From theos; divinity (abstractly) -- godhead.

see GREEK theos

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