4439. pulé
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pulé: a gate
Original Word: πύλη, ης, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: pulé
Phonetic Spelling: (poo'-lay)
Short Definition: a door, gate
Definition: a gate.

HELPS word-Studies

4439 pýlē (a feminine noun) – a large door; an entrance-gate to a city or fortress; a door-gate. 4439 /pýlē ("a door-gate") typically refers to the exit people go out, i.e. focusing on what proceeds out of it.

["Gates" in antiquity generally represent authority/power.]

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. word
a gate
NASB Translation
gate (8), gates (2).

STRONGS NT 4439: πύλη

πύλη, πύλης, (perhaps feminine of πόλος (cf. English pole i. e. axis) from the root πελῶ, to turn (Curtius, p. 715)), from Homer down; the Sept. very often for שַׁעַר, occasionally for דְּלֵת, sometimes for פֶּתַח; a gate (of the larger sort, in the wall either of a city or a palace; Thomas Magister (p. 292, 4) πύλαι ἐπί τείχους. θύραι ἐπί οἰκίας): of a town, Luke 7:12; Acts 9:24; Acts 16:13 L T Tr WH; Hebrews 13:12; of the temple, Acts 3:10; in the wall of a prison, Acts 12:10; πύλαι ᾅδου, the gates of Hades (likened to a vast prison; hence, the 'keys' of Hades, Revelation 1:18), Matthew 16:18 (on which see κατισχύω); Wis. 16:13; 3Macc. 5:51, and often by secular writings; see Grimm on 3Macc. 5:51. in figurative discourse equivalent to access or entrance into any state: Matthew 7:13{a},13{b} R G T brackets Tr WH marginal reading, 14 R G L brackets T brackets Tr WH; Luke 13:24 R L marginal reading (On its omission see προβατικός.)

a gate, porch

Apparently a primary word; a gate, i.e. The leaf or wing of a folding entrance (literally or figuratively) -- gate.

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