5070. tetrakischilioi
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tetrakischilioi: four thousand
Original Word: τετρακισχίλιοι, αι, α
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: tetrakischilioi
Phonetic Spelling: (tet-rak-is-khil'-ee-oy)
Short Definition: four thousand
Definition: four thousand.

HELPS word-Studies

5070 tetrakisxílioi(from 5507 /xílioi "a thousand" and tetrakis, "four times") – four thousand. 5070 /tetrakisxílioi ("4,000") occurs five times in the NT – four relating to the feeding of the four thousand (Mt 15:38, 16:10; Mk 8:9,20) which is both a literal and symbolic number (simultaneously).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from an adverb derivation of tessares and chilioi
four thousand
NASB Translation
four thousand (5).

STRONGS NT 5070: τετρακισχίλιοι

τετρακισχίλιοι, τετρακισχιλιαι, τετρακισχίλια, (τετράκις and χίλιοι), four thousand: Matthew 15:38; Matthew 16:10; Mark 8:9, 20; Acts 21:38. ((Herodotus, Aristophanes, Thucydides, others.))

four thousand.

From the multiplicative adverb of tessares and chilioi; four times a thousand -- four thousand.

see GREEK tessares

see GREEK chilioi

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