5561. chóra
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chóra: a space, place, land
Original Word: χώρα, ας, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: chóra
Phonetic Spelling: (kho'-rah)
Short Definition: region, land, fields
Definition: (a) a country or region, (b) the land, as opposed to the sea, (c) the country, distinct from town, (d) plur: fields.

HELPS word-Studies

5561 xṓra – country-land (the ordinary word for field); a wide-open area; "a larger tract than agros (68), . . . In two cases it refers to a rich man's estates; and in Jn 4:35, the Lord directs the attention of the disciples to a broad area or series of fields" (WS, 362).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. word
a space, place, land
NASB Translation
country (15), fields (2), land (4), region (6), regions (1).

STRONGS NT 5561: χώρα

χώρα, χώρας, (ΧΑΩ (cf. Curtius, § 179), to lie open, be ready to receive), from Homer down, the Sept. for אֶרֶץ, מְדִינָה 'a province';

1. properly, the space lying between two places or limits.

2. a region or country; i. e. a tract of land: χώρα ἐγγύς τῆς ἐρήμου, John 11:54; (in an elliptical phrase, ἀστραπή () ἀστράπτουσα ἐκ τῆς ὑπό τόν οὐρανόν εἰς τήν ὑπ' οὐρανόν λάμπει, A. V. part ... part, Luke 17:24 (cf. Winer's Grammar, § 64, 5); on the ellipsis of χώρα in other phrases (ἐξ ἀναντιας, ἐν δεξιά, etc.), see Winers Grammar, the passage cited; Buttmann, 82 (72)); land as opposed to the sea, Acts 27:27; land as inhabited, a province or country, Mark 5:10; ( L marginal reading T Tr WH); Luke 15:13-15; Luke 19:12; Acts 13:49; with a genitive of the name of the region added: Τραχωνίτιδος, Luke 3:1; τῆς Ἰουδαίας, Acts 26:20; ((or an equivalent adjective)) Γαλατικη, Acts 16:6; Acts 18:23; τῶν Ἰουδαίων, Acts 10:39; plural τῆς Ἰουδαίας καί Σαμαρείας (A. V. regions), Acts 8:1; ἐν χώρα καί σκιά θανάτου, in a region of densest darkness (see σκιά, a), Matthew 4:16; τίνος, the country of one, Matthew 2:12; χώρα for its inhabitants, Mark 1:5; Acts 12:20; the (rural) region environing a city or village, the country, Luke 2:8; Γεργεσηνῶν, Γερασηνῶν, Γαδαρηνῶν, Matthew 8:28; Mark 5:1; Luke 8:26; the region with towns and villages which surrounds the metropolis, John 11:55.

3. land which is plowed or cultivated, ground: Luke 12:16; plural, Luke 21:21 (R. V. country); John 4:35 (A. V. fields); James 5:4 (A. V. fields). (Synonym: see τόπος, at the end.)

county, fields, ground, land, region.

Feminine of a derivative of the base of chasma through the idea of empty expanse; room, i.e. A space of territory (more or less extensive; often including its inhabitants) -- coast, county, fields, ground, land, region. Compare topos.

see GREEK topos

see GREEK chasma

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