5562. chóreó
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chóreó: to make room, advance, hold
Original Word: χωρέω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: chóreó
Phonetic Spelling: (kho-reh'-o)
Short Definition: I make room, go, receive
Definition: (lit: I make room, hence) (a) I have room for, receive, contain, (b) I make room for by departing, go, make progress, turn myself.

HELPS word-Studies

5562 xōréō – properly, make space (place, room); (figuratively) to live with an open heart – i.e. with "available space" that embraces the "more important" . . . not just the "urgent"!

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from chóros (a definite space, place)
to make room, advance, hold
NASB Translation
accept (3), come (1), contain (1), containing (1), has...place (1), make room (1), passes (1), room (1).

STRONGS NT 5562: χωρέω

χωρέω, χώρω; future infinitive χωρήσειν (John 21:25 Tr WH); 1 aorist ἐχώρησα; (χῶρος, a place, space, and this from ΧΑΩ, cf. χώρα);

1. properly, to leave a space (which may be occupied or filled by another), to make room, give place, yield (Homer, Iliad 12, 406; 16, 592; others); to retire, pass: of a thing, εἰς τί, Matthew 15:17. metaphorically, to betake oneself, turn oneself: εἰς μετνοιαν, 2 Peter 3:9 (A. V. come; cf. μετάνοια, p. 406a).

2. to go forward, advance, proceed (properly, νύξ, Aeschylus Pers. 384); to make progress, gain ground, succeed (Plato, Eryx., p. 398 b.; legg. 3, p. 684 e.; (χωρεῖ τό κακόν, Aristophanes nub. 907, vesp. 1483; others); Polybius 10, 35, 4; 28, 15, 12; others): λόγος ἐμός οὐ χωρεῖ ἐν ὑμῖν, gaineth no ground among you or within you (R. V. hath not free course (with marginal reading hath no place) in you), John 8:37 (cf. Field, Otium Norv. pars 3:at the passage).

3. to have space or room for receiving or holding something (German fassen); properly: τί, a thing to fill the vacant space, John 21:25 (not Tdf.); of a space large enough to hold a certain number of people, Mark 2:2 (Genesis 13:6 (cf. Plutarch, praec. ger. reipub. 8, 5, p. 804 b.)); of measures, which hold a certain quantity, John ii 6; 1 Kings 7:24 (38); 2 Chronicles 4:5, and in Greek writings from Herodotus down. Metaphorically, to receive with the mind or understanding, to understand (τό Κατωνος φρωνημα, Plutarch, Cat. min. 64; ὅσον αὐτῷ ψυχή χωρεῖ, Aelian v. h. 3, 9); to be ready to receive, keep in mind, and practise: τόν λέγων τοῦτον, this saying, Matthew 19:11f ((cf. Plutarch, Lycurgus, 13, 5)); τινα, to receive one into one's heart, make room for one in one's heart, 2 Corinthians 7:2. (Compare: ἀναχωρέω, ἀποχωρέω, ἐκχωρέω, ὑποχωρέω. Synonym: cf. ἔρχομαι.)

make room, hold

From chora; to be in (give) space, i.e. (intransitively) to pass, enter, or (transitively) to hold, admit (literally or figuratively) -- come, contain, go, have place, (can, be room to) receive.

see GREEK chora

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