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Homicide (1 Occurrence)

Deuteronomy 17:8 If there arises a matter too hard for you in judgment, between blood and blood, between plea and plea, and between stroke and stroke, being matters of controversy within your gates; then you shall arise, and go up to the place which Yahweh your God shall choose; (See NAS RSV)

Homicide (1 Occurrence)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. HOMICIDE. ...Homicide was every conscious violent
action against a human being with the immediate result of death. ...
/h/homicide.htm - 10k

Murder (41 Occurrences)
... Wilful murder was distinguished from accidental homicide, and was invariably visited
with capital punishment (Numbers 35:16, 18, 21, 31; Leviticus 24:17). ...
/m/murder.htm - 24k

... Its objects are (1) to shield a homicide from the avenger of blood until trial,
and (2) to provide a refuge for the manslayer who has not been guilty of murder ...
/a/asylum.htm - 8k

Manslayer (20 Occurrences)
... One who was guilty of accidental homicide, and was entitled to flee to a city of
refuge (Numbers 35:6, 12, 22, 23), his compulsory residence in which ...
/m/manslayer.htm - 15k

... identified tory of the kingdom (2 Samuel 14:14). For the legal and geographical
information, see CITIES OF REFUGE; HOMICIDE. AH Sayce. ...
/a/atargatis.htm - 7k

Homewards (1 Occurrence)

/h/homewards.htm - 6k


/h/homo.htm - 7k

Family (438 Occurrences)
... Lamech was a polygamist, but he was also a quarrelsome homicide: "I have slain a
man for wounding me, and a young man for bruising me" (Genesis 4:23). ...
/f/family.htm - 87k

Crimes (22 Occurrences)
... Revelation 17:5, 15; Revelation 19:2). See also Fornication. Homicide.
"Manslayer" (ratsach, "to dash in pieces," "to kill," "to ...
/c/crimes.htm - 44k

Sojourner (81 Occurrences)
... He is expressly mentioned in the law of homicide (Numbers 35:15), but
otherwise we have no information as to his legal position. ...
/s/sojourner.htm - 48k

5406. phoneus -- a murderer
... Definition: a murderer. Cognate: 5406 -- a murderer, committing unjustified,
intentional homicide. See 5407 (). Word Origin from ...
/greek/5406.htm - 7k

5407. phoneuo -- to kill, murder
... I murder, kill. 5407 (from 5408 , "murder, homicide") -- to murder, commit
intentional (unjustified) homicide. Word Origin from ...
/greek/5407.htm - 7k

5408. phonos -- a murder
... Definition: murder, slaughter, killing. Cognate: 5408 -- murder (intentional,
unjustified homicide). See 5407 (). Word Origin from ...
/greek/5408.htm - 6k

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

hom'-i-sid (rotseach): Hebrew has no word for killing or murder; rotseach is the word for manslayer. The Greek for murder is phonos. Homicide was every conscious violent action against a human being with the immediate result of death. It was always to be punished by death, being considered a crime against the image of God. Killing is definitely forbidden in the sixth commandment (Genesis 9:5 Exodus 20:13; Exodus 21:12 Leviticus 24:17, 21 Numbers 35:16-21 Deuteronomy 19:11-13). The penalty of death was not inflicted when the killing was unintentional or unpremeditated (Exodus 21:13 Numbers 35:22-25 Joshua 20:3-5; compare Mishna, Makkoth, xi. 5). Cities of Refuge were founded to which the manslayer could escape from the "avenger of blood." There he had to abide till after the death of the officiating high priest. If he left the city before that event, the avenger who should kill him was free from punishment (Exodus 21:13 Numbers 35:10-15, 25-28, 32 Deuteronomy 19:1-13 Joshua 20:2). See CITIES OF REFUGE. Killing a thief who broke in during the night was not accounted murder (Exodus 22:2). Unintentional killing of the pregnant woman in a fray was punished according to the lexicon talionis, i.e. the husband of the woman killed could kill the wife of the man who committed the offense without being punished (Exodus 21:22 f). This was not usually carried out, but it gave the judge a standard by which to fine the offender. If a man failed to build a battlement to his house, and anyone fell over and was killed, blood-guiltiness came upon that man's house (Dr 22:8). He who killed a thief in the daytime was guilty in the same way (Exodus 22:3; compare the King James Version). Where a body was found, but the murderer was unknown, the elders of the city nearest to the place where it was found were ordered by a prescribed ceremony to declare that they were not guilty of neglecting their duties, and were therefore innocent of the man's blood (Dr 21:1-9). Two witnesses were necessary for a conviction of murder (Numbers 35:30). If a slave died under chastisement, the master was to be punished according to the principle that "he that smiteth a man, so that he dieth, shall surely be put to death" (Exodus 21:20; compare Exodus 21:12). According to the rabbis the master was to be killed by the sword. Since in this passage the phrase "he shall die" is not used, some have supposed that punishment by death is not indicated. If the slave punished by the master died after one or two days, the master was not liable to punishment (Exodus 21:21). Because of the words, "for he is his money," the rabbis held that non-Israelite slaves were meant. In ancient times the avenger of blood was himself to be the executioner of the murderer (Numbers 35:19, 21). According to Sanhedhrin 9:1 the murderer was to be beheaded. Nothing is said in the law about suicide.

Paul Levertoff

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) The killing of one human being by another.

2. (n.) One who kills another; a manslayer.

Strong's Hebrew
1818. dam -- blood
... blood NASB Word Usage blood (303), bloodguilt (2), bloodguiltiness (12), bloodshed
(27), bloody (7), death (1), guilt of blood (2), homicide or another (1 ...
/hebrew/1818.htm - 6k


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Homicide: Felonious: Nebuchadnezzar

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Homicide: Felonious: Sanhedrin

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Homicide: Felonious: Simeon and Levi

Homicide: Felonious: Solomon

Homicide: Felonious: Zimri

Homicide: Justifiable, Described as Killing a Manslayer by Next of Kin

Homicide: Justifiable, Described as Killing a Thief in the Night

Homicide: Justifiable, Described as Killing Enemies in Battle

Homicide: Justifiable, Described as Killing Persons Condemned by Law

Homicide: Protection Afforded in the Cities of Refuge to Those Guilty

Homicide: Punishment of

Homicide: The Avenger of Blood Might Slay Those Guilty of Unjustifiable

Homicide: The Punishment of Murderers: Cain

Homicide: The Punishment of Murderers: David

Homicide: The Punishment of Murderers: Haman

Homicide: The Punishment of Murderers: Joab

Homicide: The Punishment of Murderers: The Murderer of Ish-Bosheth

Homicide: The Punishment of Murderers: The Murderer of Saul

Homicide: The Punishment of Murderers: The Murderers of Joash

Homicide: Unjustifiable, Described as Killing by Accident

Homicide: Unjustifiable, Described as Killing Without Enmity

Homicide: Unjustifiable, Described as Killing Without Lying in Wait

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