1481. guwr
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guwr: abide
Original Word: גּוּר
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: guwr
Phonetic Spelling: (goor)
Short Definition: abide

I. גּוּר verb sojourn (compare Arabic turn aside tarry, see especially III. IV. VIII. X; Aramaic Eth. in derivatives) —

Qal Perfect גָּר Genesis 35:27 3t., וְגָר consecutive Isaiah 11:6; גַּרְתָּה Genesis 21:23; גַּרְתִּי Genesis 32:5; Psalm 120:5; גָּרוּ Exodus 6:4; Imperfect יָגוּר Exodus 12:48 12t., וַיָּ֫גָר Genesis 20:1 2t.; suffix יְגֻרְךָ Psalm 5:5; 3feminine singular וַתָּ֫גָר 2 Kings 8:2; 2feminine singular תָּגוּרִי 2 Kings 8:1; cohortative אָגוּ֑רָה Psalm 61:5 יָגוּרוּ Isaiah 16:4; Imperative גּוּר Genesis 26:3, גּוּ֫רִי 2 Kings 8:1; Infinitive construct גּוּר Genesis 12:10 17t.; Participle גָּר Deuteronomy 18:6; Judges 17:7 17t.; feminine construct גָּרַת Exodus 3:22; plural גָּרִים Leviticus 25:6 8t.; construct גָּרֵי Job 19:15; —

1 sojourn, dwell for a (definite or indefinite) time, dwell as a new-comer (compare גֵּר) without original rights, see especially Genesis 19:9 (J) Deuteronomy 18:6 & compare Judges 17:7,8,9; Judges 19:1; also Genesis 12:10; Genesis 20:1; Genesis 21:23,34; Genesis 32:5; Genesis 47:4 (all J E); of partriarchs in Canaan Genesis 26:3 (J) Genesis 35:27; Exodus 6:4 (both P) compare Psalm 105:12 = 1 Chronicles 16:19; Judges 19:16; 2 Samuel 4:3; 2 Kings 8:1 (twice in verse); 2 Kings 8:2 (seven years) Isaiah 16:4; Ruth 1:1; Ezra 1:4 (in exile); compare further Exodus 3:22 (E) גָּרַת בַּיִת of a woman in another's house as lodger or guest (see Di), גָּרֵי בַיִת Job 19:15; so (poetry) of worshipper in Yahweh's house Psalm 15:1; Psalm 61:5 compare Isaiah 33:14 (twice in verse); figurative of evil לֹא יְגָֻֽרְךָ רָ֑ע Psalm 5:5 evil cannot be a guest of thine (Che; followed by accusative, as in Arabic III); particulary of the גֵּר (q. v.) in Israel Exodus 12:48,49; Leviticus 16:29 (all P) 17: 8; Leviticus 17:10,12,13; Leviticus 18:26; Leviticus 19:33,34; Leviticus 20:2; Leviticus 25:6,45 (all H) Numbers 9:14; Numbers 15:14,15,16,26,29; Numbers 19:10; Joshua 20:9 (all P) Ezekiel 14:7; Ezekiel 47:22,23; of Ephraim and Manasseh sojourning with Judah and Benjamin 2Chronicles 15:9; of Rechabites sojourning in Judah Jeremiah 35:7; of Israelites sojourning in Egypt Deuteronomy 26:5; Isaiah 52:4; Psalm 105:23; so of Judah, to escape from under Babylonian power Jeremiah 42:15,17,22; Jeremiah 43:2; Jeremiah 44:8,12,14,28.

2 abide, nearly or quite = dwell Jeremiah 43:5 compare Lamentations 4:15; Jeremiah 49:18,33; Jeremiah 50:40, also Job 28:4; of wolf dwelling with lamb Isaiah 11:6; stay (inactive) Judges 5:17; — in Isaiah 5:17 read perhaps, for גָּרִים, גְּדָיִם or כָּרִים compare ᵐ5 Lo Ew Di & Che critical note (> Stu גֵּרִים)

Hithpolel Participle מִתְגּוֺרֵר 1 Kings 17:20 seek hospitality with, followed by עִם (compareArabic x); יִתְגּוֺרָ֖רוּ Hosea 7:14 is dubious (compare II. גור); AE Ki Thes Wü AV RV they assemble themselves, but text probably error, see גדד.

II. [גּוּר] verb stir up strife, quarrel (compare גרה) — so Ew Che Di RVm (Isaiah 54:15); gather together Ges De Br compare ᵑ7 ᵑ9, so AV RV; —

Qal. Perfect גָּר Isaiah 54:15; Imperfect יָגוּר Isaiah 54:15, יָגוּרוּ Psalm 56:7; Psalm 59:4; Psalm 140:3 (on all compare below); Infinitive absolute גּוֺר Isaiah 54:15; —

1 stir up strife, absolute גּוֺר יָגוּר Isaiah 54:14; compare Psalm 56:7 (but AE Che read יָגוֺדּוּ attack, see גדד); followed by עַלֿ Psalm 59:4 (but Che id.; compare Psalm 94:21, which however Ol would emend by Psalm 56:7; Psalm 59:4); followed by accusative מִלְחָמוֺת Psalm 140:3 (Hup Che read יְגָרוּ Pi`el Imperfect of גרה)

2 quarrel, followed by אֶתֿ with Isaiah 54:15. Here also

Hithpolel Imperfect Hosea 7:14 יִתְגּוֺרָ֖רוּ (compare I. גור), according to Ew, they excite themselves, but unlikely; see גדד.

III. [גּוּר] verb dread (compare יָגֹר) —

Qal Imperfect וַיָּגָר Numbers 22:3; 1 Samuel 18:15; 2masculine singular תָּגוּר Deuteronomy 18:22; אָגוּר Deuteronomy 32:27; plural יָגוּרוּ Psalm 33:8; Job 41:17 + Hosea 10:5, תָּגוּרוּ Deuteronomy 1:17; Imperative גּוּרוּ Psalm 22:24; Job 19:29; —

1 be afraid of, followed by מִמְּנֵי Numbers 22:3; Deuteronomy 1:17; 1 Samuel 18:15, גּוּרוּ לָכֶם מִמְּנֵי Job 19:29; with מִן Job 41:17; Deuteronomy 18:22; with accusative Deuteronomy 32:27 (poetry) Hosea 10:5 read probably ינודו lament ("" אבל, used with לְ e.g. Nahum 3:7; Jeremiah 15:5 and elsewhere; compare Che).

2 stand in awe of, followed by מִן Psalm 22:24; Psalm 33:8 (יָרֵא).

abide, assemble, be afraid, dwell, fear, gather together, inhabitant, remain,

A primitive root; properly, to turn aside from the road (for a lodging or any other purpose), i.e. Sojourn (as a guest); also to shrink, fear (as in a strange place); also to gather for hostility (as afraid) -- abide, assemble, be afraid, dwell, fear, gather (together), inhabitant, remain, sojourn, stand in awe, (be) stranger, X surely.

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