1521. Gichon
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Gichon: "a bursting forth," one of the rivers of Eden, also a spring near Jer.
Original Word: גִּיחוֹן
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Transliteration: Gichon
Phonetic Spelling: (ghee-khone')
Short Definition: Gihon

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from giach
"a bursting forth," one of the rivers of Eden, also a spring near Jer.
NASB Translation
Gihon (6).

גִּיחוֺן proper name, of a river (a bursting forth) —

1 one of the rivers of Eden Genesis 2:13 (on theories of identity see Commentaries; also SmithDict. Bible Schaff-HerzogArt. Eden SpurrellText of Gen. on the passage RiHWB).

2 spring of water near Jerusalem: גִּחוֺן 1 Kings 1:33,38,45, מֵימֵי גִיחוֺן הָעֶלְיוֺן2Chronicles 32:30, לְגִיחוֺן בַּנַּחַל2Chronicles 33:14; — there are two main theories as to locality:

a. west of Jerusalem, connected with Birket Mamilla, and aqueduct into city RobBR i. 239, 345 ff. SurveyJerusalem and others;

b. east of Jerusalem = Fountain of the Virgin, FurrerSchenkel BL ii. 483 BdPal 101, or Siloah water-system GutheZPV, v., 1882, 359 ff.

גֵּיחֲזִי see below גַּיְא.


Or (shortened) Gichown {ghee-khone'}; from giyach; stream; Gichon, a river of Paradise; also a valley (or pool) near Jerusalem -- Gihon.

see HEBREW giyach

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