1565. galmud
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galmud: hard, barren
Original Word: גַּלְמוּד
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: galmud
Phonetic Spelling: (gal-mood')
Short Definition: barren

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
probably from galam
hard, barren
NASB Translation
barren (3), gaunt (1).

גַּלְמוּד adjective hard, barren (Late Hebrew id. lonely NHWB; Arabic rock, stony (of land); Aramaic גַּלְמוּדָה compare BaNB 208) — ׳ג Job 3:7 2t. Job; feminine גַּלְמוּדָה Isaiah 49:21; — hard, barren, unproductive, mostly figurative: Job 15:34 of company of wicked men, where probably a substantive see De Di; Job 30:3 through want and famine (they are) stiff (lifeless; RV gaunt); of exiled Zion as bereaved and barren woman Isaiah 49:21; so of night of Job's birth Job 3:7.

desolate, solitary

Probably by prolonged from galam; sterile (as wrapped up too hard); figuratively, desolate -- desolate, solitary.

see HEBREW galam

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