1688. Debir
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Debir: an Amorite king, also the name of several places in Palestine
Original Word: דְּבִיר
Part of Speech: proper name, masculine; proper name, of a location a.
Transliteration: Debir
Phonetic Spelling: (deb-eer')
Short Definition: Debir

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from the same as debir
an Amorite king, also the name of several places in Pal.
NASB Translation
Debir (14).

II. דְּבִיר 1. proper name, masculine king of Eglon Joshua 10:3.

2. proper name, of a location a. דְּבִ֫רָה with ָ  ה locative, northern border Judah Joshua 15:7 (westward Hup Psalm 28:2).

b. לִדְבִר town of the Gadites Joshua 13:26, perhaps Lôdebâr 2 Samuel 9:4 see לֹא דְבָר Di MV.

c. דְּבִיר Judges 1:11 (twice in verse); 1 Chronicles 6:43, דְּבִרָה Joshua 10:38,39, elsewhere דְּבִר Joshua 15:15 +, a royal city of Canaanites anciently called קִרְיַת סֵפֶר Joshua 15:15; Judges 1:11, קִרְיַת סַנָּה Joshua 15:49; on the mountains of Judah, in region of Hebron Joshua 11:21; Joshua 15:49, assigned to the Aaronite priests Joshua 21:15 as a city of refuge 1 Chronicles 6:43; modern Dhoherîye, 5 hours southwest from Hebron, according to Kn, so Surveyiii. 402; other conjectures in Di Joshua 10:39 RiHWB 265.


Or (shortened) Dbir (Josh. 13:26 (but see Lo' Dbar)) {deb-eer'}; the same as dbiyr; Debir, the name of an Amoritish king and of two places in Palestine -- Debir.

see HEBREW Lo' Dbar

see HEBREW dbiyr

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