1687. debir
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debir: perhaps (a place of) speaking (the innermost room of Solomon's temple)
Original Word: דְּבִיר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: debir
Phonetic Spelling: (deb-eer')
Short Definition: sanctuary

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
perhaps from dabar
perhaps (a place of) speaking (the innermost room of Solomon's temple)
NASB Translation
inner sanctuary (15), sanctuary (1).

I. דְּבִיר noun masculine (compare Arabic back, part behind) hindmost chamber, innermost room of the temple of Solomon = קדשׁ הקדשׁים holy of holies, most holy place, the place of the ark and the cherubic images, the throne-room of Yahweh 1 Kings 6:5,16,19,20,21,22,23,31; 1 Kings 7:49 ( = 2 Chron 4:20) 2 Chronicles 8:6,8 ( = 2 Chronicles 5:7,9) 2 Chronicles 3:16; Psalm 28:2. Probably read דְּבִיר 2 Kings 10:25 also, for ᵑ0 עִיר; so Klo after ᵐ5L. (It is translated oracle in AV RV after Aq Symm χρηματιστήριον, ᵑ9 oraculum, on the incorrect theory that it was derived from דִּבֶּר speak.)


Or (shortened) dbir {deb-eer'}; from dabar (apparently in the sense of oracle); the shrine or innermost part of the sanctuary -- oracle.

see HEBREW dabar

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