2166. zeman
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zeman: time
Original Word: זְמָן
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: zeman
Phonetic Spelling: (zem-awn')
Short Definition: time

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
(Aramaic) corresponding to zeman
NASB Translation
appointed period (1), epochs (1), time (6), times (3).

זְמַן noun masculineDaniel 3:7 time (probably loan-word from Old Persian zrvan, zarvâna, time, age, NöM 152 Scheft45; compare Biblical Hebrew (late); and (on change of ν [b] to m) FräZA iii. 52; Nabataean זמן, Palmyrene (Nabataean) זבן Lzb266; Lzb268 SAC48. 49); — absolute ׳ז Daniel 2:16; Daniel 7:12; emphatic זִמְנָא Ezra 5:3 +; plural absolute Daniel 6:11 +, emphatic זִמְנַיָּא Daniel 2:21; — time: specified time Daniel 2:16; appointed time Daniel 7:12,22, compare Daniel 2:21; בֵּהּ זִמְנָא at that time Ezra 5:3; Daniel 3:7,8; Daniel 4:33; (festival) seasons Daniel 7:25; time, occurrence, Daniel 6:11; Daniel 6:14 three times in the day.

season, time

(Aramaic) from zman; the same as zman -- season, time.

see HEBREW zman

see HEBREW zman

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