2491. chalal
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chalal: kill
Original Word: חָלָל
Part of Speech: noun masculine; Adjective
Transliteration: chalal
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-lawl')
Short Definition: kill

I. חָלָל90 noun masculine pierced, ׳ח absolute Deuteronomy 21:1 25t.; construct חֲלַל Numbers 19:16; plural חֲלָלִים Numbers 23:24 28t.; construct חַלְלֵי Isaiah 22:2 21t.; suffix חֲלָלֶיךָ Psalm 69:27, etc. + 11 t. suffixes; —

1 pierced, fatally wounded Psalm 69:27; Jeremiah 51:52; Ezekiel 26:15; Ezekiel 30:24; Lamentations 2:12. Elsewhere

2 slain Numbers 19:18; Numbers 31:8,19 (P), etc.; singular collective 2 Samuel 23:8,18 = 1 Chronicles 11:11,20; Ezekiel 6:7; Ezekiel 30:11, etc., but usually plural 1 Samuel 17:52 (RV wounded) Jeremiah 51:49, etc.; חַלְלֵי חֶרֶב Isaiah 22:2; Jeremiah 14:18; Ezekiel 31:17,18; Ezekiel 32:20,21,25,28,29,30,31,32; Zephaniah 2:12; Lamentations 4:9; חַלְלֵי רעב Lamentations 4:9; חַלְלֵי יהוה Isaiah 66:16; Jeremiah 25:33.

II. חָלָל adjective profaned; — חָלָל רָשָׁע (read construct חֲלַל SS) profaned, dishonoured wicked one Ezekiel 21:30 (so AV Thes MV SS Co Or; but RV H" deadly wounded, Ew Sm fallen, slain); plural construct חַלְלֵי רְשָׁעִים Ezekiel 21:34; feminine singular חֲלָלָה of woman sexually dishonoured Leviticus 21:7,14 (H; "" זָנָה).

kill, profane, slain man, slew, deadly wounded

From chalal; pierced (especially to death); figuratively, polluted -- kill, profane, slain (man), X slew, (deadly) wounded.

see HEBREW chalal

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