2563. chomer
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chomer: clay
Original Word: חֹ֫מֶר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: chomer
Phonetic Spelling: (kho'mer)
Short Definition: clay

I. חֹ֫מֶר noun masculine cement, mortar, clay; — ׳ח absolute Genesis 11:3 13t.; construct Isaiah 10:6 2t.; —

1 mortar, cement for holding building-stones (brick) together Genesis 11:3 (J), Exodus 1:14 (P; both "" לְבֵנִים); Nahum 3:14 ("" טיט).

2 clay:

a. as material of vessels Jeremiah 18:4,6, היצר ׳ח Isaiah 29:16, in simile of God's fashioning man Isaiah 45:9; Isaiah 64:7; Job 10:9; as material of human bodies ׳בָּתֵּי ח Job 4:19; compare Job 33:6; as material of bulwarks (disparagingly) Job 13:12; חותם ׳ח = seal-clay i.e. clay upon which seal is pressed.

b. = mire חוצות ׳ח Isaiah 10:6; ׳הֹרָנִי לַח Job 30:19 he hath cast me into the mire, i.e. deeply humiliated me (עָפָר and אֵפֶר in "" clause); as simile of commonness, abundance Job 27:16 ("" עָפָר).

II. חֹ֫מֶר noun [masculine] heap (compare 1. חֲמוֺר) — ׳ח construct מַיִם רַבִּים ׳ח Habakkuk 3:15 a heap of great waters ("" יָם) — but text dubious, see I. חמר; plural הֳמָרִים חֳמָרִים Exodus 8:10 (J), of dead frogs gathered in heaps.

III. חֹ֫מֶר noun masculine homer, a dry measure (perhaps from above √, but dubious; compare Assyrian amâru, surround, contain, II. R Exodus 36:19 a. b Strm4760, Imêru, a measure ZimBP 6 n) — ׳ח absolute Isaiah 5:10 5t. Ezekiel; construct Hosea 3:2 3t.; plural חֳמָרִיםNumbers 11:32; — ׳ח of barley Hosea 3:2; Ezekiel 45:13, compare שְׂעֹרִים ׳זֶרַע ח Leviticus 27:16 i.e. land on which a ׳ח of barley seed was sown (taxed at 50 shekels); ׳ח of wheat Ezekiel 45:13; in General ׳זֶרַע ח Isaiah 5:10; = 10 ephahs (or baths, see בַּת below בתת) Ezekiel 45:11 (3 t. in verse); Ezekiel 45:14 (twice in verse) (in Ezekiel 45:14 strike out Co); on actual size of ׳ח, = 393.9 litres, see HultschMetrol. 2nd ed. 448, 452f. See further II. בַּת and references, BenzArch 183 f NowArch. i, 203 f.

clay, heap, homer, mire, motion

From chamar; properly, a bubbling up, i.e. Of water, a wave; of earth, mire or clay (cement); also a heap; hence, a chomer or dry measure -- clay, heap, homer, mire, motion.

see HEBREW chamar

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