2660. Chepher
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Chepher: Hepher
Original Word: חֵ֫פֶר
Part of Speech: proper name, masculine ; proper name, of a location
Transliteration: Chepher
Phonetic Spelling: (khay'-fer)
Short Definition: Hepher

I. חֵ֫פֶר proper name, masculine 1. a Manassite Numbers 26:32,33; Numbers 27:1; Joshua 17:2,3, ᵐ5 Οφερ.

2 a man of Judah 1 Chronicles 4:6; ᵐ5 Ηφαλ, ᵐ5L Αφερ.

3 one of David's heroes, according to 1 Chronicles 11:36 (but on text see Be VB and Dr 2 Samuel 23:36).

II. חֵ֫פֶר proper name, of a location 1. Canaanitish town, with a king, named just before Aphek Joshua 12:17, exact site unknown.

2 1 Kings 4:10 in Judah (׳ארץ ח); — on ׳גִּ֫תָּה ח Joshua 19:13, ׳גַּת הַח 2 Kings 14:25, see גַּת below יגן.


From chaphar or chapher; a pit of shame; Chepher, a place in Palestine; also the name of three Israelites -- Hepher.

see HEBREW chaphar

see HEBREW chapher

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