2919. tal
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tal: night mist, dew
Original Word: טָל
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: tal
Phonetic Spelling: (tal)
Short Definition: dew

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from an unused word
night mist, dew
NASB Translation
dew (31).

טַל noun masculineJudges 6:37 night-mist, dew (Late Hebrew טַל dew; Aramaic , טַלָּא dew; Arabic light rain, dew; Ethiopic dew) — ׳ט absolute 1 Samuel 1:21 12t.; טָ֑ל Judges 6:13 9t.; construct טַל Genesis 27:28 4t.; suffix טַלֶּ֑ךָ Isaiah 26:19, טַלָּם Zechariah 8:12; — night-mist, taking place of our dew (see Che Isaiah 18:4 & Psalm 110:3; Lane1862, NeilPal. Explored 129); as coming from the sky and bringing fertility, טַל הַשָּׁמַיִם Genesis 27:28 (God gives it, נתן), & Genesis 27:39 (+ מֵעָ֑ל), compare Deuteronomy 33:28 (heavens distil it, ערף), Haggai 1:10; Zechariah 8:12 (heavens give it, נתן); in Deuteronomy 33:13 read perhaps מֵעָ֑ל for מִטַּל (see "" Genesis 49:25 and Di); clouds distil it (רעף) Proverbs 3:20; followed by עַל, it descends (ירד) upon the camp Numbers 11:9 (JE); it is upon the ground Judges 6:39,40, compare 2 Samuel 1:21 (+ מָטָר); upon the fleece Judges 6:37; is wrung out (מוץ) of the fleece Judges 6:38; remains through the night (לון) Job 29:19, compare ׳שִׁכְבַת הַטּ the lying of dew = the dew lying Exodus 16:13,14 (P; it goes up (עלה) in morning); it is in drops מִי הוֺלִיד אֶגְלֵי טָ֑ל Job 38:28; covers the head of one out at night Songs 5:2; it comes (היה) by word of prophet 1 Kings 17:1 (+ מָטָר); simile of stealthy approach כַּאֲשֶׁר יִמֹּל הַטַּל עַלהָֿאֲדָמָה 2 Samuel 17:12; simile denoting welcome and Gentle refreshment, of speech, which distils (נזל) like it Deuteronomy 32:2 (poem; "" שְׂעִירִים, רְבִיבִים); of fraternal unity כְּטַל חֶרְמוֺן Psalm 133:3 (ירד על); of king's favour Proverbs 19:12 (על); of ׳יs kindness Hosea 14:6; כְּעָב טַל Isaiah 18:4 like a mist-cloud, of ׳יs quiet watching; of Jacob's influence among nations Micah 5:6 (׳מֵאֵת י ׳ט; "" רְבִיבִים); טַל אוֺרֹת טַלֶּ֑ךָ Isaiah 26:19 a dew of light is thy dew (see I. אוֺרָה, p. 21:b above and BaudStud. Semitic Rel. ii. 264 f.); as transitory, כַּטַּל מַשְׁכִּים הֹלֵךְ Hosea 6:4 like the dew early departing, so Hosea 13:3 (both "" עַנַןבֹּֿקֶר); figurative of young warriors of king established by ׳י, with flashing weapons, like dewdrops טַל יַלְדֻתֶ֑ךָ Psalm 110:3.

טַל noun [masculine] dew (see Biblical Hebrew I. טלל); — construct טַל שְׁמַיָא Daniel 4:12; Daniel 4:20; Daniel 4:22; Daniel 4:30; Daniel 5:31.


From talal; dew (as covering vegetation) -- dew.

see HEBREW talal

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