3003. Yabesh
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Yabesh: a place in Gilead, also an Israelite
Original Word: יָבֵשׁ
Part of Speech: proper name, of a location; location; person
Transliteration: Yabesh
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw-bashe')
Short Definition: Jabesh

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from yabesh
a place in Gilead, also an Isr.
NASB Translation
Jabesh (12), Jabesh-gilead* (12).

III. יָבֵשׁ, יָבֵישׁ proper name, of a location or


1. location יָבֵשׁ גִּלְעָד Jabesh of Gilead, ᵐ5 Ιαβ(ε)ις Γαλααδ, exact site unknown, Judges 21:8,9,10,12,14; 2 Samuel 21:12; 1 Chronicles 10:11 (ᵐ5L Ιαβις τῆς Γαλααδ); יָבֵישׁ גִּלְעָד 1 Samuel 11:1,9; 1 Samuel 31:11; 2 Samuel 2:4,5 (in these three ᵐ5L Ιαβις τῆς Γαλαατιδιτος); יָבֵישׁ 1 Samuel 11:1,3,5,9,10; יָבֵשׁ 1 Chronicles 10:12; יָבֵ֑ישָׁה 1 Chronicles 10:12; "" יָבֵ֫שָׁה 1 Samuel 31:12,13.

2. person יָבֵשׁ father of Shallum 2 Kings 15:10,13,14.

Jobesh Gilead

The same as yabesh (also Yabeysh {yaw-bashe'}; often with the addition of Gil'ad, i.e. Jabesh of Gilad); Jobesh, the name of an Israelite and of a place in Palestine -- Jobesh ((-Gilead)).

see HEBREW yabesh

see HEBREW Gil'ad

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