3515. kabed
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kabed: heavy
Original Word: כָּבֵד
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: kabed
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-bade')
Short Definition: heavy

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from kabad
NASB Translation
burdensome (1), difficult (2), great (4), grievous (1), heavier (1), heavy (11), huge (1), large (4), large number (1), much (1), numerous (1), rich (1), severe (7), slow (2), sorrowful (1), stubborn (1), thick (1), weighed down (1).

כָּבֵד adjective heavy; — ׳כ Genesis 41:31+ 34 t.; construct כְּבַד Exodus 4:10 (twice in verse); כֶּבֶד Isaiah 1:4; plural כְּבֵדִים Exodus 17:12; construct כִּבְדֵי Ezekiel 3:5,6; —

1. a. heavy, a burden Psalm 38:5; hands (weary of holding up) Exodus 17:12 (E), hair of head 2 Samuel 14:26, a corpulent old man 1 Samuel 4:18; עַם כֶבֶד עָוֺן Isaiah 1:4 a people heavy with (the burden of) iniquity; a cloud charged with rain Exodus 19:16 (E); a rock of large size Isaiah 32:2; oppressive, grievous, burdensome, a yoke 1 Kings 12:4,11 2Chronicles 10:4,11; a famine Genesis 12:10; Genesis 41:31; Genesis 43:1; Genesis 47:4,13 (J); the vexation (כַּעַס) of a fool Proverbs 27:3; vehement, sore, of a mourning Genesis 50:11(J).

b. massive, abundant, numerous, of a people עַם Numbers 20:20 (J) 1 Kings 3:9; army חיל 2 Kings 6:14; 2 Kings 18:14 = Isaiah 36:2 insect swarm Exodus 8:20 (J).

c. heavy, dull of speech and tongue Exodus 4:10 (twice in verse) (JE); of the לֵב, hard Exodus 7:14 (J).

d. hard, difficult, of a thing to be done Exodus 18:18 (E) Numbers 11:14 (J); of a language to be understood Ezekiel 3:5,6.

2 in the usage of J כָּבֵד מְאֹד is frequent:

a. very oppressive, grievous, of hail Exodus 9:18,24; murrain Exodus 9:8; lamentation Genesis 50:10.

b. very numerous, cattle Exodus 12:38; army, מַחֲנֶה Genesis 50:9; locusts Exodus 10:14; so חַיִל 1 Kings 10:2 2Chronicles 9:1.

c. very rich, במקנה in cattle Genesis 13:2.

so great, grievous, hardened, too heavier, laden, much, slow, sore,

From kabad; heavy; figuratively in a good sense (numerous) or in a bad sense (severe, difficult, stupid) -- (so) great, grievous, hard(-ened), (too) heavy(-ier), laden, much, slow, sore, thick.

see HEBREW kabad

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