3541. koh
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koh: thus, here
Original Word: כֹּה
Part of Speech: demonstrative adverb; adverb
Transliteration: koh
Phonetic Spelling: (ko)
Short Definition: thus

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. adverb
thus, here
NASB Translation
also (9), even (1), follows (1), here (4), little while* (1), now (1), other side (1), over there (1), over there* (1), same (1), so (17), such (1), this (2), this is what (2), this side (1), this way (2), thus (518), worse* (1).

כֹּה demonstrative adverb thus, here (Biblical Aramaic כָּה; ᵑ7, ᵑ6:Jerusalem, Mandean כָּא here: in Syriac with prefixes hither, (ᵑ6:Jerusalem ) hence, where? compare אֵיכָה, p. 32, and Köii. 1, 252) —

1 of manner, thus (so most frequently, and usually pointing to what is to follow, while כֵּן points commonly to what has preceded), Genesis 15:5 כה יהיה זרעך thus shall thy seed be, Numbers 6:23; 1 Kings 2:30 כֹּה דִבֶּר יוֺאָב וְכֹה עָנָנִי, 1 Kings 5:25; Isaiah 24:13 (answered by בְּ, as Jeremiah 23:29); with a substantive Isaiah 20:6 הִנֵּה כֹה מַבָּטֵנוּ, Jeremiah 9:21 (si vera lectio), Jeremiah 23:29; 1 Samuel 27:11. Mostly confined to particular phrases: thus

a. with different forms of אמר, כה תאמר thus shalt thou say Exodus 3:14,15; Exodus 19:3; Exodus 20:22 etc.; especially כה אמר יי֞ thus saith (or said) ׳י Exodus 4:22; Exodus 5:1; Exodus 7:17; Exodus 7:26; Exodus 8:16 etc.; and continually in the prophets, as Isaiah 7:7; Isaiah 8:11; Isaiah 18:4 etc.; Jeremiah 2:2,5; Jeremiah 4:27; Jeremiah 6:16 etc.; also in the idiomatic formula אִם כֹּה יאֹמַר if he say (or used to say) (the words spoken following) Genesis 31:8; 1 Samuel 14:9,10; 1 Samuel 20:7; 2 Samuel 15:26.

b. with עשׂה to do thus, Exodus 5:15; Deuteronomy 7:5; pointing back, Numbers 22:30; Joshua 6:14; 1 Samuel 27:11 and elsewhere; especially in the phrase כה יעשׂה אלהים וכה יוסיף (with variations), 1 Samuel 3:17 + (see יסף), in which כֹּה points to an imprecation understood but not expressed. With בְּ prefixed 1 Kings 22:20 ויאמר זה בְּכֹה וזה אמר בְּכֹה and one spake in this wise, and another spake in that wise ("" 2 Chronicles 18:19 כָכָהכָּ֗֗֗כָה; probably rightly).

2 of place, here (rare, chiefly in E), Genesis 31:37 שִׂים כֹּה place it here before my brethren, Numbers 23:15 (twice in verse); 2 Samuel 18:30; Ruth 2:8. Repeated, Exodus 2:12 וַיִּפֶן כֹּה וָכֹה and he turned this way and that way; כֹּהכֹּ֗֗֗ה on this side . . . on that side Numbers 11:31. With עַד Genesis 22:5 and we will go עַדכֹּֿה as far as here (δεικτικῶς) i.e. yonder.

3 of time, עַד כֹּה hitherto, Exodus 7:16 (compare עַדהֵֿנָּה), Joshua 17:14; עַדכֹּֿה וְעַדכֹּֿה till now and till then, i.e. meanwhile, 1 Kings 18:45.

כָּה adverb here (Biblical Hebrew כֹּה; ᵑ7 Mandean כָּא; Christian-Palestinian Aramaic ; Syriac with prefixes, as hither, where?); — Daniel 7:28 עָדכָּֿה סוֺפָא דִימִֿלְּתָא hitherto (compare Jeremiah 48:47; Jeremiah 51:64) is the end of the matter.

also, here, hitherto, like, on the other side, so and much, such, on that manner

From the prefix k and huw'; properly, like this, i.e. By implication, (of manner) thus (or so); also (of place) here (or hither); or (of time) now -- also, here, + hitherto, like, on the other side, so (and much), such, on that manner, (on) this (manner, side, way, way and that way), + mean while, yonder.

see HEBREW huw'

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