3644. kemo or kamo
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kemo or kamo: like, as, when
Part of Speech: adverb; conjunction; substantive; conjunction
Transliteration: kemo or kamo
Phonetic Spelling: (kem-o')
Short Definition: like

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a pleonastic form of a preposition prefix
like, as, when
NASB Translation
alike (1), comparison (1), if (1), like (84), likewise (1), so (1), such (4), such* (1), thus (1), when (1).

כְּמוֺ adverb and

conjunction like, as, when (literally the like of what (namely) . . ., a pleonastic form of כְּ (see מוֺ), and, like it, properly a substantive: compare Aramaic כְּמָא like Psalm 78:68 Levy, usually כְּמָא דְּ like as; (i.e. ) like what, like, usually followed by like as; Samaritan ; Arabic Ethiopic kama, like as, Di Gr§ 63 a Sabean כמוZMG 1883, 394) — used

1 (56 t.) as an independent word (except Genesis 19:15; Nehemiah 9:11, only in poetry);

2 as an equivalent for כְּ before suffixes, always before light ones, and occasionally before heavy ones (see כְּ at the beginning): —

1. a. adverb, as poetic synonym of כְּ, like, as, Exodus 15:5 they went down כמואֿבן like a stone (hence in prose Nehemiah 9:11), Nehemiah 9:8 (Psalm 78:13), Isaiah 30:22; Isaiah 51:6 (see כֵּן), Isaiah 26:17 כְּמוֺ חָרָח תַּקְרִיב לָלֶרֶת (see כְּ 1c (2), on the construct: so Isaiah 41:25; Psalm 58:5,8a,9), Isaiah 26:18 we have brought forth the like of, as it were, wind, Jeremiah 13:21; Jeremiah 15:18; Jeremiah 50:26; Ezekiel 16:57 (כמו עת as at the time of: see כְּ Note), Hosea 7:4; Hosea 8:12; Hosea 13:7; Habakkuk 3:14 (as it were), Zechariah 9:15; Zechariah 10:2,7 (as with wine: see ib.) Elsewhere chiefly in Psalms (19 t.) and Job (11 t.), as Psalm 29:6; Psalm 61:7; Psalm 63:6; Psalm 78:69; Psalm 79:5; Psalm 88:6; Psalm 90:9; Job 6:15; Job 10:22 (twice in verse); Job 12:3 כמו אלה the like of these things, Job 14:9; Songs 6:10; Songs 7:2; Lamentations 4:6 כמו רגע (in prose כרגע). Repeated, like כְּ ֗֗֗ כְּ, Psalm 58:10; and answered by כֵּן Isaiah 26:17. — Psalm 58:8b כמו יתמוללו, as it were is against usage of כמו (with a verb), and yields a lame sense: read perhaps ׳ית [חָצִיר] כמו (Lag Che); Psalm 73:15 if I said, אֲסַמְּרָה כְמ֑וֺ, the text is untranslateable, the rendering thus for כמו being indefensible: probably הֵנָּה has dropped out before the following ׃הִנֵּה for כְּמוֺ הֵנָּה the like of these things, compare Job 23:14 כָּהֵנָּה, and Job 12:3 above

b. conjunction = כַּאֲשֶׁר: (a) of time, once, Genesis 19:15 כְּמוֺ עָלָה הַשַּׁחַר when the dawn arose; (β) of mode, according as, Zechariah 10:8 וְרָבוּ כְּמוֺ רָבוּ Proverbs 23:7 (answered by כֵּן). — For

2 (before suffixes), see עכּ.

according to, such as it were, well as, in comparison of, like as, to, unto, thus,

Or kamow {kaw-mo'}; a form of the prefix "k-", but used separately (compare ken); as, thus, so -- according to, (such) as (it were, well as), in comparison of, like (as, to, unto), thus, when, worth.

see HEBREW ken

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