3950. laqat
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laqat: to pick or gather up, glean
Original Word: לָקַט
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: laqat
Phonetic Spelling: (law-kat')
Short Definition: gather

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to pick or gather up, glean
NASB Translation
gather (15), gathered (8), glean (8), gleaned (4), gleaning (1), picked (1).

[לָקַט] verb pick or gather up, specifically glean ( Late Hebrew id. and נָקַט; Arabic pick up (as a bird, grains, etc.); Aramaic לְקַט, and נְקַט; ; Mandean לגט (NöM 54, also on Talmud נקט); compare Assyrian lakâtu DlHWB 385 (but ט = t?)); —

Qal Perfect3plural לָֽקְטוּ Exodus 16:22; Numbers 11:8, ׳וְל consecutive Exodus 16:4, לָקָ֑טוּ Exodus 16:18; Imperfect3masculine plural יִלְקְטוּ Exodus 16:5, יִלְקֹט֑וּן Psalm 104:28, וַיִּלְקְטוּ Exodus 16:17,21; 2masculine plural suffix תִּלְקְטֻהוּ Exodus 16:26; Imperative masculine plural לִקְטוּ Genesis 31:46; Exodus 16:16; Infinitive construct לִלְקֹט Exodus 16:27 2t.; —

1 pick up, gather, with accusative, stones Genesis 31:46 (J), lilies Songs 6:2; usually the manna: Exodus 16:4,5,26 (J), Exodus 16:21; Exodus 16:22 (P); followed by מִן partitive Exodus 16:16 (P); so absolute Exodus 16:27; Numbers 11:8 ( both J E ), Exodus 16:17,18 (P); of animals gathering food תִּתֵּן לָהֶם יִלְקֹט֑וּן Psalm 104:28.

2 specifically glean, absolute, Ruth 2:8 (with בְּ local; usually Pi`el in this sense ).

Pi`el Perfect3feminine singular וְלִקְּטָה consecutive Ruth 2:16, לִקֵּ֑טָה Ruth 2:17,18; 2feminine singular לִקַּטְתְּ Ruth 2:19; Imperfect וַיְלַקִּט Genesis 47:14 2t.; 3 feminine singular תְּלַקִּט Ruth 2:15, ׳וַתּ Ruth 2:3,17; 2masculine singular תְּלַקִּט Leviticus 19:9 2t.; 1 singular אֲלַקֳּטָה Ruth 2:2,7 (compare BaNB 152, 489); Infinitive construct לְלַקִּט Ruth 2:15 2t.; Participle מְלַקִּט Isaiah 17:5, plural מְלַקְּטִים Judges 1:7; Jeremiah 7:18; —

1 gather, gather up, fallen grapes, Leviticus 19:10 (H), arrows 1 Samuel 20:38, (fire-)wood Jeremiah 7:18; absolute (food from ground) Judges 1:7 (compare GFM); = pick, pick off, 2 Kings 4:39 (twice in verse) (+ מִן of source ).

2 figurative collect (money) Genesis 47:14 (J).

3 specifically glean, after the reapers, usually absolute Ruth 2:3,7 ("" אָסַף), Ruth 2:17 (all with בְּ local), Ruth 2:15 (בֵּין location), Ruth 2:19 (adverb location), also Ruth 2:2 (where בְּ may be local or partitive, compare Be), also Ruth 2:15; Ruth 2:16; Ruth 2:23; with accusative Isaiah 17:5 (שִׁבֳּלִים, simile of devastation of land; "" אָסַף קָצִיר), Ruth 2:17,18; with accusative of congnate meaning with verb לֶקֶט Leviticus 19:9 = Leviticus 23:22 (H).

Pu`al Imperfect2masculine plural תְּלֻקְּטוּ Isaiah 27:12 ye shall be picked up (of Israel under figure of grains or berries, after the threshing process of ׳יs judgment).

Hithpa`el Imperfect וַיִּתְלַקְּטוּ Judges 11:3 and there collected themselves worthless men unto (אֶל) Jephthah (were raked together GFM).

gather up, glean

A primitive root; properly, to pick up, i.e. (generally) to gather; specifically, to glean -- gather (up), glean.

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