4127. mug
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mug: to melt
Original Word: מוּג
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: mug
Phonetic Spelling: (moog)
Short Definition: away

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to melt
NASB Translation
disheartened (1), dissolve (2), dissolved (2), melt (3), melted (2), melted away (4), melts (1), soften (1).

מוּג verb melt (ᵑ7 מוּג Ithpe`el, Psalm 46:7; Psalm 107:26; compare Arabic surge (of the sea), Qor 18:99; a wave); **in view of prevailing figurative use, and of Arabic () be in tumult, commotion, of sea, people, be agitated, perplexed, it is perhaps dubious whether melt is original meaning; be moved, agitated is usually possibly, and even Amos 9:13; Psalm 65:11 (both late), where (especially Amos) moistening is suggested, this may be perhaps derived from agitating, loosening, dissolving. —

Qal Imperfect3feminine singular תָּמוּג 46:7; וַתָּמוֺג Amos 9:5; 2masculine singular suffix וַתְּמוּגֵ֫נוּ Isaiah 64:6 (but read probably וַתְּמַגְּנֵנוּ, see [ מָגַן] p.171 above, and compare Di > Du תְּמַגְּנֵנוּ); Infinitive לָמוּג Ezekiel 21:20; —

1 melt, subject אֶרֶץ, at touch of ׳י Amos 9:5; at voice of ׳י Psalm 46:7; = faint (of heart), Ezekiel 21:20.

2 transitive cause to melt Isaiah 64:6 (but see above)

Niph`al Perfect נָמוֺג Nahum 2:7 2t.; 3 plural נָמֹ֫גוּ Exodus 15:15 3t.; Participle plural נְמֹגִים Psalm 75:4; — melt away, figurative for be helpless, disorganized (through terror, etc.) Exodus 15:15 (compare context), Joshua 2:9,24; 1 Samuel 14:16 (compare We Dr), Jeremiah 49:23, compare Nahum 2:7; Isaiah 14:31; Psalm 75:4.

Po>l. soften, dissolve, active: only Imperfect 2 masculine singular suffix (subject God): בִּרְבִיבִם תְּמֹגְגֶנָּה Psalm 65:11 thou softenest it [the earth] with showers; figurative, = dissipate וּתְ˜מֹגְגֵ֫נִי Job 30:22 — We reads וַיְמֹגֵג Habakkuk 3:6 for וַיְמֹדֶד, see מדד

Po`el Hithpo`el Perfect 3 plural הִתְמֹגָָֽגוּ Nahum 1:5; Imperfect3feminine singular תִּתְמוֺגָ֑ג Psalm 107:26; 3feminine plural תִּתְמוֺגַגְנָה Amos 9:13; — melt, subject hills (before ׳י) Nahum 1:5; subject נֶפֶשׁ Psalm 107:26 (in terror); hyperb. for flow Amos 9:13 (of fertile hills, "" הִטִּ֫יפוּ הֶהָרִים).

I. מוד (√ of following; apparently secondary form of מדד, compare BaNB § 190 c, and Arabic stretch, extend, also prolong, make to continue).

consume, dissolve, be fainthearted, melt away, make soft

A primitive root; to melt, i.e. Literally (to soften, flow down, disappear), or figuratively (to fear, faint) -- consume, dissolve, (be) faint(-hearted), melt (away), make soft.

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