5514. Sinay
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Sinay: the mountain where the law was given
Original Word: סִינַי
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Sinay
Phonetic Spelling: (see-nah'-ee)
Short Definition: Sinai

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
probably from the same as Sin
the mountain where the law was given
NASB Translation
Sinai (35).

סִינַי proper name, of a mountain Sinai; — name of mountain of law-giving in J and especially P (חֹרֵב in E and especially D): Judges 5:5; Psalm 68:9; Deuteronomy 33:2 (poem), also Exodus 16:1 (P); usually הַרסִֿינַי (סִֿינָ֑י Leviticus 7:38 +), rarely J, Exodus 19:20,23 and perhaps Exodus 34:2,4, elsewhere mostly P, Exodus 24:16; Exodus 31:18; Exodus 34:29,32; Leviticus 7:38; Leviticus 25:1; Leviticus 27:34; and Leviticus 26:46 (H), Numbers 3:1; Numbers 28:6, also Nehemiah 9:13; מִרְבַּר סִינַי (סִינָ֑י Numbers 1:19 +), Exodus 19:1,2; Leviticus 7:38; Numbers 1:1,19; Numbers 3:4,14; Numbers 9:1,5; Numbers 10:12; Numbers 26:64; Numbers 33:15,16 (all P); — in view of these facts, and of E's use of חֹרֵב (q. v.), it is probably that Exodus 19:11,18 (in E passages) are from R. — ᵐ5 Σ(ε)ινα. Identification dubious; local tradition names Jebel Musa, mountain at southern end of peninsular between the two arms of Red Sea, so RobBR i. 90 ff., especially 119-122 compare StanleySinai and Pal. 42 f. and elsewhere, specifically its northern spur, Ras ‚afƒâfeh; but LepsiusBriefe 345 ff., 416 ff. EbGS especially 392 ff. and others advocate Serbal, northwest from Jebel Musa (on tradition, cf Ebib. 413 ff.); see discussion DiExodus 19:1. Against both is the working of Egyptian mines in the peninsula as late as the 19th dynasty (see EbGS 135, 148 ff., 159, etc.), involving presence of soldiers there. This, and connection with Midian (compare also Judges 5:5), have led to search for Sinai further northeast, near head of Gulf of Akaba, or even in Seir, so SayMonuments 263 ff., compare GFMJudges 5:5; 6:1 and Yakut, cited by Id179n. §, also see GallAltisr. Kultst. 12; on sanctity of the mountain see further RSSem i. 110 f., 2nd ed. 177 f. SmRel. Geschichte. 30.


Of uncertain derivation; Sinai, mountain of Arabia -- Sinai.

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