5705. ad
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ad: even to, until
Original Word: עַד
Part of Speech: preposition and conjunction
Transliteration: ad
Phonetic Spelling: (ad)
Short Definition: until

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
(Aramaic) corresponding to ad
even to, until
NASB Translation
before* (1), order* (1), until (3), until* (11).

עַד35 preposition and conjunction even to, until (Biblical Hebrew III. עַד; so ᵑ7, Syriac, Old Aramaic, Nabataean, Palmyrene, Egyptian Aramaic (Lzb336 S-CA 5 +)); —

1 preposition:

a. of space, even to Daniel 7:13; עַדכָּֿא Daniel 7:28.

b. of amount, up to Ezra 7:22 (4 t.).

c. of time, until Daniel 2:20; Daniel 6:15; Daniel 6:27; Daniel 7:18 (twice in verse); Daniel 7:26; Ezra 4:24; Ezra 5:16 וְעַדכְּֿעַן; = our against Ezra 6:15 (compare Biblical Hebrew, p. 724:a top); to (the end of) = during Daniel 6:8 עַד יוֺמִין תְּלָתִין, Daniel 6:13; Daniel 7:12,25. On עַדאָֿחֳרָן Daniel 4:5 see אָחֳרָן; and on עַדדִּֿבְרַת דִּי Daniel 4:14 see [ דִּבְרָה].

2 conjunction:

a. עַדדִּֿי until, followed by perfect (of past time) Daniel 2:34; Daniel 4:30; Daniel 5:21; Daniel 7:4,9,11,22; followed by imperfect (of future) Daniel 2:9; Daniel 4:20; Daniel 4:22 (twice in verse); Daniel 4:29. — Daniel 6:25 ׳לָא מְטוֺ ֗֗֗ עַד דִּי שְׁלִטוּ וג up to the time that . . . , i.e. ere that.

b. עַד alone, Ezra 4:21; Ezra 5:5.

until, within

(Aramaic) corresponding to ad; X and, at, for, (hither-)to, on till, (un-)to, until, within.

see HEBREW ad

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