6224. asiri or asiriyyah or asirith
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asiri or asiriyyah or asirith: tenth
Original Word: עֲשִׂירִי
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: asiri or asiriyyah or asirith
Phonetic Spelling: (as-ee-ree')
Short Definition: tenth

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from the same as eser
NASB Translation
one-tenth (1), tenth (27), tenth portion (1).

עֲשִׂירִי20 masculine, עֲשִׂירִיָּה, and עֲשִׂירִית8

feminine adjective ordinal number tenth; —

1 דּוֺר עֲשִׂירִי Deuteronomy 23:3; Deuteronomy 23:4; ׳בַּיּוֺם הָע Numbers 7:66 (P); ׳הַחֹדֶשׁ הָע Genesis 8:5 (P) Ezekiel 24:1 5t.; בַּחֹדֶשׁ הָעֲשִׂרִי Jeremiah 39:1; ׳ח omitted הָעֲשִׂירִי Genesis 8:5 (P), בָּעֲשִׂרִי Ezekiel 29:1; Ezekiel 33:21; other nouns omitted הָעֲשִׂירִי 1 Chronicles 12:13; 1 Chronicles 25:17; 1 Chronicles 27:13, הָעֲשִׂרִי 1 Chronicles 24:11; בַּשָּׁנָה הָעֲשִׂרִית Ezekiel 29:1, הָעֲשִׂרִית ׳בַּשּׁ Jeremiah 32:1.

2 as substantive a tenth part: f. absolute עֲשִׂרִיָּה Isaiah 6:13; feminine construct עֲשִׂירִית הָאֵיפָה Numbers 28:5, עֲשִׂרִית Exodus 16:36, עֲשִׂירִת Leviticus 5:11; Leviticus 6:13; Numbers 5:15; עֲשִׂירִת הַחֹמֶר Ezekiel 45:11; masculine absolute הָעֲשִׂירִי Leviticus 27:32 the tithe (i.e. of cattle, etc.).

tenth part

From eser; tenth; by abbreviation, tenth month or (feminine) part -- tenth (part).

see HEBREW eser

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