6612. pthiy
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pthiy: one
Original Word: פֶּ֫תִי
Part of Speech: Adjective; noun feminine
Transliteration: pthiy
Phonetic Spelling: (peth-ee')
Short Definition: one

מֶּ֫תִי [for מָּתַי Lag BN 52 BaZMG xlii (1888), 353; NB 320]

adjective simple, possibly as open-minded; — מֶּ֫תִי Proverbs 9:4 +, מֶּ֑תִי Psalm 19:8 +; plural מְּתָאיִם (Ges§ 93x) Psalm 116:6 6t. Proverbs; מְּתָיִים Psalm 119:130; Proverbs 22:3; מְּתָיִם Proverbs 1:22,32; — simple, as substantive concrete: open to the instruction of wisdom or folly, Proverbs 9:4,16; believing every word Proverbs 14:15; lacking עָרְמָה Proverbs 1:14; Proverbs 8:5; Proverbs 19:25; needing בין Psalm 119:130, חכמה Psalm 19:8; Proverbs 21:11; in good sense, שׁמר ׳פתאים י Psalm 116:8 ׳י preserveth ths simple-minded; but usually tendency to bad sense; פתאים love פתי Proverbs 1:22; inherit אִוֶּלֶת Proverbs 14:18, are easily enticed, misled and go back Proverbs 1:32; Proverbs 7:7; Proverbs 9:6; Proverbs 22:3 = Proverbs 27:12; they need atonement Ezekiel 45:20 ("" שׁגה).

[מְּתִי] noun feminine simplicity (i.e.lack of wisdom), דְַמָֿתַי מְּתָיִם תְּאֵהֲבומֶּֿ֑תִי Proverbs 1:22.

foolish, simplicity, one

Or pethiy {peh'-thee}; or pthaeiy {peth-aw-ee'}; from pathah; silly (i.e. Seducible) -- foolish, simple(-icity, one).

see HEBREW pathah

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