7340. Rechob
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Rechob: places in Aram (Syria) and Pal., also an Aramean (Syrian) and an Israelite
Original Word: רְחוֹב
Part of Speech: proper name; location; Aramaic name, masculine
Transliteration: Rechob
Phonetic Spelling: (rekh-obe')
Short Definition: Rehob

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from rachab
places in Aram (Syria) and Pal., also an Aramean (Syrian) and an Isr.
NASB Translation
Rehob (10).

II. רְחוֺב, רְחֹב proper name Ρααβ, Ροωβ, etc.:

1 (compare LagBN 56 f.)

location: a. towards Hamath, רְחוֺב 2 Samuel 10:8 (ᵐ5L Βαιθρααβ), רְחֹב Numbers 13:21 (P); = ׳בֵּית ר q. v. p. 112 (also ᵐ5 1 Samuel 14:47 Βαιθεωρ, ᵐ5L Βαιθροωβι).

b. רְחב in Asher: (1) Joshua 19:28 (P); (2) [perhaps = (1)], Joshua 19:30 (P), Judges 1:31, Levitical city Joshua 21:31 (P) = 1 Chronicles 6:60; Egyptian Raµubu, north of Kishon, WMMAs.u.Eur.153.

2. masculine: a. Aramaic name, רְחֹב 2 Samuel 8:3,12.

b. post-exilic Levite, רְחוֺב Nehemiah 10:12.


Or Rchowb {rekh-obe'}; the same as rchob; Rechob, the name of a place in Syria, also of a Syrian and an Israelite -- Rehob.

see HEBREW rchob

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