8271. shera
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shera: to loosen, abide
Original Word: שְׁרָא
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: shera
Phonetic Spelling: (sher-ay')
Short Definition: began

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
(Aramaic) corresponding to sharah
to loosen, abide
NASB Translation
began (1), dwells (1), loosed (1), solve (1), solving (1), went slack (1).

[שְׁרָא] verb 1. loosen.

2 abide (see Biblical Hebrew I. שׁרה); —

Pe`al Infinitive לְמִשְׁרֵא Daniel 5:16; read ׳מִשׁ also Daniel 5:12, for ׳מְשָׁ (K§ 40 n M87* and others); — Passive participle שְׁרֵא (K§ 47. Beisp. f)) Daniel 2:22; plural שְׁרַיִן Daniel 3:25; —

1 loosen: literal passive participle loosed Daniel 3:25 (opposed to bound); figurative loosen knots, i.e. solve difficulties, Daniel 5:12,16.

2 abide (from loosening girths, loads, at encampment; compare ᵑ7 Late Hebrew [also on passive participle]), figurative Daniel 2:22 (עִם of person).

Pa`el Perfect3masculine plural שָׁרִיו Ezra 5:2 begin (see Biblical Hebrew III. [חָלַל] Hiph`il 2), followed by infinitive

Hithpa. Participle masculine plural מִשְׁתָּרַ֫יִן Daniel 5:6 joints were loosened (in fear).

begin, dissolve, dwell, loose

(Aramaic) a root corresponding to that of sheruwth; to free, separate; figuratively, to unravel, commence; by implication (of unloading beasts) to reside -- begin, dissolve, dwell, loose.

see HEBREW sheruwth

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