8282. sarah
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sarah: princess, noble lady
Original Word: שָׂרַת
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: sarah
Phonetic Spelling: (saw-raw')
Short Definition: princesses

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
fem. of sar
princess, noble lady
NASB Translation
ladies (1), princess (1), princesses (3).

I. [שָׂרָה] noun feminine princess, noble lady; — construct שָׂרָ֫תִי (Ges§ 90l) Lamentations 1:1; plural שָׂרוֺת 1 Kings 11:3, construct id. Esther 1:18; suffix שָׂרוֺתֶיהָ Judges 5:29, תֵיהֶם- Isaiah 49:23; — princess attending Sisera's mother Judges 5:29; so Solomon's wives 1 Kings 11:3, other queens Isaiah 49:23 ("" מְלָכִים); wives of nobles Esther 1:18; figurative of Jerusalem Lamentations 1:1.

lady, princess, queen

Feminine of sar; a mistress, i.e. Female noble -- lady, princess, queen.

see HEBREW sar

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