865. ethmowl
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ethmowl: time
Original Word: אֶתְמוֹל
Part of Speech: Adverb
Transliteration: ethmowl
Phonetic Spelling: (eth-mole')
Short Definition: time

תְּמוֺל, (תּמֹלׅ23, אֶתְמוֺל5, אֹתְּמוֺל 1 Samuel 10:11, אֶתְּמוֺל Isaiah 30:33; Micah 2:8 (see infinitive),

substantive, used sometimes as

adverb accusative, yesterday, figurative recently, formerly (Aramaic אִתְּמָלֵי, תְּמָלֵי, sometimes אִתְּמוֺל, , , Mandean עתמאלM 202; Ethiopic Assyrian timâli, itimâli, ina timâli (Dl158, 721); derivation dubious; according to MeiGr. Syr. 118ii. 264 f. from Arabic II. prolongavit, IV. longam vitam concessit, tempus, the two times, i.e. night and day, in form an infinitive of VI. ; hence properly long time, (past) time, specialized to yesterday); — yesterday, but usually figurative= recently or formerly:

1 2 Samuel 15:20 תְּמוֺל בּוֺאֲךָ yesterday (=only lately) was thy coming, Job 8:9 תמול אנחנו (of) yesterday (Ges§ 141d) are we, Psalm 90:4 (genitive) בְּיוֺם אֶתְמוֺל.

2 usuually in combination with שִׁלְשֹׁם yesterday (and) the third day, to express the idea of formerly: thus

a. as adverb accusative (a) גַּם תְּמוֺל גַּם הַיּוֺם 1 Samuel 20:27 (literal), compare Exodus 5:14 (sub b); (b) תְּמוֺל שִׁלְשֹׁם Exodus 5:8Ruth Exodus 2:11, so ׳אֶתְמ ׳שׁ 1 Samuel 4:7; (c) ׳גַּם שׁ ׳גַּם ת 2 Samuel 3:17; 1 Chronicles 11:2 ("" 2 Samuel 5:2 with ׳אֶתְמ).

b. בִּתְמוֺל שִׁלְשֹׁם as formerly Genesis 31:2,5; Exodus 5:7; Joshua 4:18; 1 Samuel 21:6 (but Bu ׳מִתְּ, as c), 2 Kings 13:5; ׳שׁ ׳כְּאֶתְמ 1 Samuel 14:21; 1 Samuel 19:7; Exodus 5:14 ׳שׁ ׳כִּת גַּם תְּמוֺל גַּם הַיּוֺם as yesterday (and) the third day (= as formerly), both yesterday and to-day (=so more recently).

c. ׳מִתְּמוֺל שׁ = (form) aforetime, Exodus 21:29,36; Joshua 3:6, ׳שׁ ׳וְהוּא לֹא שׂנֵא לוֺ מִתְּ Deuteronomy 4:42; Deuteronomy 19:4,6; Joshua 20:5; so ׳מֵאִתְּמוֺל שׁ 1 Samuel 10:11; גַּס ׳גַּס מִשּׁ ׳מִתְּ Exodus 4:10.

3 מֵאֶתְמוּל (alone) Isaiah 30:33 from yesterday = already; וְאֶתְּמוּל עַמִּי Micah 2:8 corrupt, read וְאַתֶּם לְעַמִּי (WRS, with יָקוּם; עַל עַמִּי We Now, with תָּקוּמוּ), and see שֵׂלְמָה.

before that time, heretofore, of late old, times past, yesterday

Or tithmowl {ith-mole'}; or methmuwl {eth- mool'}; probably from 'eth or 'eth and muwl; heretofore; definitely yesterday -- + before (that) time, + heretofore, of late (old), + times past, yester(day).

see HEBREW 'eth

see HEBREW 'eth

see HEBREW muwl

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