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I-chabod (2 Occurrences)

1 Samuel 4:21 And she named the child I-chabod, saying, The glory hath departed from Israel. (Because the ark of God was taken, and because of her father-in-law and her husband.) (WBS YLT)

1 Samuel 14:3 And Ahiah, the son of Ahitub, I-chabod's brother, the son of Phinehas, the son of Eli, the LORD'S priest in Shiloh, wearing an ephod. And the people knew not that Jonathan was gone. (WBS YLT)

Ichabod (2 Occurrences)
... In her great distress she regarded not "the women that stood by her," but named
the child that was born "Ichabod" ie, no glory, saying, "The glory is departed ...
/i/ichabod.htm - 8k

I-chabod (2 Occurrences)
I-chabod. << Ichabod, I-chabod. Ich'abod >>. Multi-Version Concordance I-chabod
(2 Occurrences). ... (WBS YLT). << Ichabod, I-chabod. Ich'abod >>. Reference Bible.
/i/i-chabod.htm - 7k

I-chabod's (1 Occurrence)
I-chabod's. << Ichabod's, I-chabod's. Ich'abod's >>. Multi-Version Concordance ...
(WBS). << Ichabod's, I-chabod's. Ich'abod's >>. Reference Bible.
/i/i-chabod&#39;s.htm - 6k

Ichabod's (1 Occurrence)
... Multi-Version Concordance Ichabod's (1 Occurrence). 1 Samuel 14:3 and Ahijah,
the son of Ahitub, Ichabod's brother, the son of Phinehas ...
/i/ichabod&#39;s.htm - 6k

Phinehas (24 Occurrences)
... He died in battle with the Philistines (1 Samuel 4:4, 11); and his wife, on hearing
of his death, gave birth to a son, whom she called "Ichabod," and then she ...
/p/phinehas.htm - 20k

Ich'abod (1 Occurrence)
Ich'abod. << I-chabod, Ich'abod. Ichabod's >>. Multi-Version Concordance Ich'abod
(1 Occurrence). ... (See RSV). << I-chabod, Ich'abod. Ichabod's >>. Reference Bible
/i/ich&#39;abod.htm - 6k

Ich'abod's (1 Occurrence)
... << I-chabod's, Ich'abod's. Iconium >>. Multi-Version Concordance Ich'abod's (1
Occurrence). 1 Samuel 14:3 and Ahijah, the son of Ahitub, Ichabod's brother, the ...
/i/ich&#39;abod&#39;s.htm - 6k

Ahitub (16 Occurrences)
... a-hi'-tub ('achiTubh, "brother of goodness," ie "good brother," or, "my brother
is goodness"): (1) The brother of Ichabod and son of Phinehas the son of Eli (1 ...
/a/ahitub.htm - 14k

Ahijah (23 Occurrences)
... (3.) Son of Ahitub (1 Samuel 14:3, 18), Ichabod's brother; the same probably as
Ahimelech, who was high priest at Nob in the reign of Saul (1 Samuel 22:11). ...
/a/ahijah.htm - 21k

Strong's Hebrew
350. I-kabod -- "inglorious," a son of Phinehas
... Word Origin from i and kabod Definition "inglorious," a son of Phinehas
NASB Word Usage Ichabod (1), Ichabod's (1). I-chabod. From ...
/hebrew/350.htm - 6k
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