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Jegarsahadutha (1 Occurrence)

Genesis 31:47 And Laban called it Jegarsahadutha: but Jacob called it Galeed. (KJV)

Jegarsahadutha (1 Occurrence)
... Multi-Version Concordance Jegarsahadutha (1 Occurrence). Genesis 31:47 And Laban
called it Jegarsahadutha: but Jacob called it Galeed. (KJV). ...
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Jegar-sahadutha (1 Occurrence)
Jegar-sahadutha. << Jegarsahadutha, Jegar-sahadutha. Je'gar-sahadu'tha >>. ... (BBE DBY
JPS WBS YLT NAS). << Jegarsahadutha, Jegar-sahadutha. Je'gar-sahadu'tha >>. ...
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Jegar (1 Occurrence)

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Smith's Bible Dictionary

(heap of testimony), the Aramaean name given by Laban the Syrian to the heap of stones which he erected as a memorial of the compact between Jacob and himself. (Genesis 31:47) Galeed, a "witness heap," which is given as the Hebrew equivalent, does not exactly represent Jegar-sahadutha.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

je-gar-sa-ha-du'-tha (yeghar sahadhutha'; Septuagint Bounos marturei, "(the) mound witnesses"): The name given by the Aramean, Laban, to the "cairn of witness," called by Jacob GALEED (which see) (Genesis 31:47). The rest of the second part of this name appears again in Job 16:19, where sahadhi, should be rendered with the Revised Version (British and American), "he that voucheth for me," i.e. "my witness."

Easton's Bible Dictionary
Pile of testimony, the Aramaic or Syriac name which Laban gave to the pile of stones erected as a memorial of the covenant between him and Jacob (Genesis 31:47), who, however, called it in Hebrew by an equivalent name, Galeed (q.v.).

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